Saturday, 9 July 2011

-Spencer- ...You're kidding me.

..You've got to be FUCKING kidding me.

What about "DON'T GO IN" don't you understand? You had her in the kitchen, and you let her run off? I walk in and August is spewing black SHIT like a fountain, and everyone else is in...

Before we know it, we're going to have a reply to The Navidson Record on our hands. FUCK that movie, FUCK Slender, and FUCK YOU ALL.

So, whatever FUCKING readers we have, things are not looking to good in the Return To Slender central office.


... Fuck. Going in after them. Todd is okay; I found him, s'nt the first time this has happened.But we underestimated Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

August, take care of Todd and don't do anything STUPID.

I'll be back within the hour.

(Christ, the things I do for you kids. And THIS is why Spencer is the boss, not any of you idiotic crrazies.)


  1. spencer, are you drunk?

    i am right here. in the kitchen. i just woke up.

    but steele needs your help. i know that much.

  2. ...Awwww fuck. In the process of finding these idiots. Be back soon.