Saturday, 16 July 2011

-Amanda- Well Then

It seems the rats are jumping the doomed ship. Can't say I blame you, I feel it too. That feeling in my bones is getting worse, screaming at me to run to run as hard and far and fast as I can, But that won't help me. Been running for nearly four years and I know I cannot lose this, this strange motley group of people haunted by the same ghosts and locked in a a wrong house. We've, I've, lost too much already to ever just give this up.

Besides, someone has to guard the women and children, as it were. So, good luck you guys. You're gonna need it. I won't say goodbye because we don't have the luxury of goodbyes. Goodbyes are ends and have too little time for ends.

Steele, I'll be saving that bottle of absinthe for your return.


  1. I hear it too. That silence. It even permeates the basement as I do my research: I used to be able to hear the footfalls above me.

    Now, it's just me and the shadows and the mice and rats and their pattering and squeaking.

  2. It's too damn quiet now. Like the house is swallowing any noise that is left

    Even Poe's been quiet

  3. That house feels like that even when the smell of pancakes is wafting through from the kitchen. I'm in DC at the moment. Sure, it's not much, but it has something resembling a nightlife. And that's comforting. The most nightlife we get back Home is maybe a surprise set from a couple of masked men.

  4. It was easier to pretend with more people