Tuesday, 26 July 2011

todd's trip

todd made a delivery. lots of bad things happened on this delivery. but todd wouldn't tell his friends about those things.

todd wouldn't tell his friends about how mr. tall, or
Festuca was everywhere. he was behind every tree. he was in every alleyway. he was in every window. he was there when todd saw the man who looked like Servus, standing above his lifeless body. he was there when todd walked out of the music store.

todd wouldn't tell his friends about how he didn't look back as he heard the old man scream what were probably his final screams.
and todd definitely wouldn't tell them about being caught in the loop.

before any of this happened, todd was driving to his hometown, when he noticed that the road kept going straight when it should have been turning. He stepped out of the car, where it was very dark. the kind of dark where you could probably see more by closing your eyes. so todd tried that.

when he did, a path appeared before him. he followed the path through a desert. as he walked along, he saw eight dying trees. these trees looked like they should have been easy to cut down, but he noticed that they all had many axe cuts in them. he looked and saw that there were people amongst the trees. there was a small boy, and next to him a man in a hoodie sleeping.

''who are you'' asked todd.
''i'm Sybylla,'' replied the boy. ''but you can call me sybil."
''isn't sybil a girl's name'' asked todd.
''isn't august a boy's name'' responded sybil.
''how do you know about that''
''i know lots about you.''

''how/ who are you/ who is that.'' asked todd, pointing to the man in the hoodie
''oh, him/ that's Venator. he goes by grosvenor, though.''
suddenly, grosvenor woke up. while laying down, he looked up at todd.
''oh. you.'' he said.

''me/'' said todd, confused.

''you woke me up,'' he said
''i'm....sorry'' responded todd
''don't be. i've been asleep much too long.'' he said, sitting up. ''you should probably get going. your friends are in some trouble. they probably won't need you, though.''
''how do you...'' with a movement like light, grosvenor stood up and covered todd's eyes. todd opened them and was back in his car.

todd wouldn't tell his friends about that.

todd wouldn't tell his friends a lot of things.

oh and spencer, you can have todd back. it's not so lonely in here anymore.

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