Saturday, 30 July 2011


So we met up with Elaine last night. It went fan-fucking-tastically. I'm surprised that stupid restaurant didn't kick our sorry asses out. Hell, with the shit we started I can't believe the fucking cops weren't called. Fuck Spencer and his fucking theatrics. Sam's never going to shut up about this, ever.

So yeah, you could say it could've gone better. A lot fucking better. Spencer was still a bit out of it from finding him on that street corner which didn't help a damn thing.

He practically exploded when he heard Elaine's plans. Which are to stupidly trek across the country, alone, to finish up some business. Personally, I could care less but August and Spencer obviously care about this chick so she can't get hurt. Or I will be pissed.

I had to leave August and Spencer to take care of some stuff, so I'm two states over heading straight for home. Had to stop for the day because the shaking was making it hard to drive. Like hell am I letting Sam drive right now.

I'm gonna finish this pack and hopefully we'll be on the road again tomorrow


  1. Oh come on, Amanda dearest. It wasn't that bad. August and I split and we have quite a good time dodging the cops.
    Needless to say, I'm back to my old self. Return home fine, will you?
    Elaine, you have nothing to be sorry about. I let my team get out of control and that's that. :3

  2. And exploded is a but harsh, don't you think? I rather like 'sternly criticized' a lot more.

  3. Spence, you pulled your shirt off in public. I count that as exploded.

    See ya when we all get home