Friday, 8 July 2011

-Sam- voices

Ever since that delivery, I've been hearing things.

seeing things.

On the drive home it was like i was waking up from a nightmare until the fucking nightmare started following me. i've slept once since we got home. once. and i woke up all the way across the house, next to the door to the east wing.

my mom was standing over me. and then she turned into him.

And then apparently i screamed so loud i should have woken up half the house, but nobody heard except spencer because he's the only person in the east wing.

I hate having a house this big. hate it. there's never anyone to hear you scream and goddammit, i've been doing a lot of that lately.

Just now i heard my grandma talking, right next to my ear.

she's mad that i let her die.

i think i need some more caffeine



  1. Remember Sam, they're not real. They can't hurt you and they're not. There. Your mind's still a little funny from the Loop. They're not real.

    Spence and I are waiting in the kitchen. We've uh. We've got cookies.

    (That's weak, even by my standards.)

  2. Sam, get your ass into the kitchen. We're having a crash session. And sweetie, you aren't alone. And they aren't real