Tuesday, 12 July 2011

-August- P.S.

There are a week's worth of reheatable dinners in the fridge. They've all got separate cooking instructions, but if you're having trouble figuring out how the stove works, just remember this: nuking it from orbit is the only way to be sure.

(And by that I mean microwave it. Don't get any ideas.)

You're on your own for lunch and breakfast.

The west wing needs to be vacuumed on Wednesday. North, Friday. The south wing should be fine until I get back.

All the windows (all of them) need to be Windexed and wiped down by Tuesday.

Thursday is for dusting. Don't forget the floorboards and windowsills.

Cleaning supplies are in the broom closet in the kitchen, next to the pantry where Amanda hides her cigs. She knows the one.

If you could mop the kitchen floors that would be absolutely fantastic, seeing as there's still black stuff between the tiles. Mop's in the closet with the supplies. Bucket's on the shelf. Use water from the tub, not the sink.

Laundry can wait until I get back. We've got no major deliveries scheduled for a bit and most of you walk around half naked anyways.

Oh, and if you could do the dishes that would be great.

Call it a birthday present.


  1. Sounds like me trying to get Elaine to do some of the extra cleaning. Be careful while you're running about.


  2. Chores, eh? Can't say I'm jealous. Stay safe August.

  3. Fuck, now I have to find a new hiding spot for my cigs. Not that anyone could find all of them.

    Have a happy birthday, kid. You only turn eighteen once and in this business you better damn well treasure your birthdays.

    Christ, I feel old now

  4. Happy birthday, August! And have a safe delivery, too. And Amanda's right: savor the birthday. We'll have to do something to celebrate when you get back.

    You guys are too young for this shit.

  5. The cat is away, so the mice can play! I'm reinstating No Pants Thursday, after General Augustus' food embargo stymied it back in April: that last remaining expression of ultimate freedom in the workplace.