Saturday, 9 July 2011

-Steele- We play it again, and again and again...

Look, guys, I don't know what sort of game you're playing going to sleep at this early hour, but I think you've lost Sam. I'm hearing her up above me in the east wing, stumbling around and mumbling to herself....shit, that was a scream.

No time for theatrics and parenthesis this time around, blokes. I'm taking my equipment and I'm going to bring her back down to the garage, okay? I'm bringing my phone, I will keep in contact.

I'm going for it.


  1. uh steele, i'm in the kitchen.

    least i think i am.

    yeah, there's the microwave clock. this is the kitchen.


  2. Steele. Sam's in the kitchen with us. That's not Sam you're hearing.

    You idiot, you're not supposed to go into the east wing!

    Get to the kitchen. Right now.

  3. Steele, you stupid queen, get the fuck into the kitchen. She's here with us and she's fucking /fine/, relatively speaking.
    You on the other hand are walking into a goddamn trap, you drug-addled idiot

  4. Steele, what the fuck are you on? Right now, I mean? Sam's right here.

    Why am I even asking? I...I might have to go after him, just in case there've been any injuries. Shit, this is awful. And my head's been killing me since I woke up. Why didn't I take any Ibuprofen before I hiked up here? Ugh, whatever.

  5. damn phone, how do you read comments on this contraption

    she's upstairs. she is running from something and I don't know what

    far out, what is that stench, i'm feeling quite ill

    but no, no medicine, i don't have time

  6. Doc, you aren't going alone. I have my trench knife and an ax, I'm going with you. And no ifs ands or buts, I'm the only who wasn't in the fucking Loop so I have the clearest head. That makes me the most useful in a fight

  7. I really don't think we have a choice, but we can't leave Sam alone and we're sure as hell not taking her up to the east wing.

    Doc, Amanda, you go. I'm not a fighter anyways. I've got a meat cleaver down here if I need it.

  8. Considering that I just found the post I made a few hours ago and don't remember making it, or why I would've said those things, I think you've got the right idea. Let's go, I have my instrument bag ready for action.

  9. shit, did someone leave the AC on? its as cold as hell up here

    do we even have air-con in the east wing?

  10. Good. Get behind me if anything goes down and for fuck's sake stay close.

  11. guys, no. No. I'm coming, just let me get some kind of weapon or something i can't let you guys go get killed

    i asked grandma and she said it's okay

  12. Sam, don't be an idiot. You can barely fight with a clear head even you say that. Right now you're more a danger to us than anything we'll find. August, you have full permission to tie her to a chair. And stay fucking safe.
    And, fuck, Steele can't see our posts can he. Fuck.

  13. i see her, she's just run down the corridor heading north

    theres nothing chasing her, just shadows, too dark shadows, black as pupils they are, kind of...seeping. Ink...?

    i'm heading in.

  14. I can take care of myself, Amanda. I'm more worried about you guys. The east wing is not safe. Not safe.

    Sam isn't leaving my sights, and Jesus Rollerblading Christ, Steele, she's not there! Get out of there and get to the kitchen before you do something we all regret.

  15. oh fuck no i'm not just going to sit here waiting.

    i found a knife. it's kind of sharp i think.

    i'll be right up

  16. Oh, no you're not.

    I'm tying you to this chair and no screaming is going to get me to change my mind.

  17. Sam, stay in the fucking kitchen. August stop her by any means necessary. I've seen enough of the east wing to know it's bad shit. I do not want a fucking kid up there.

    Steele, she's not there and I'm stabbing your ass for making us do this

  18. streuth...i don't think this is the air-con guys, there's mist coming out of that dining room we never use. Kind of just...wafting there, and it looks like there are lights inside flickering


  19. Steele, stay where you are. Don't fucking move. With physics taking a goddamn vacation I don't know how long it's gonna take us to find you, but we're going to fucking find you. Ok? And you owe me a carton of nice cigs and a bottle of absinthe for this shit.

  20. not mist


    not candles


    she's in here though

    i just saw her

    some weird black thing bounding after her through the charring floorboards

    i have my glock

    i may not like killing proxies, but i am all over putting down a beastie

    we'll be right

  21. No no no no no no no

    Doc. Amanda. Hurry. God knows why Spence isn't posting but if he's still tied up with Todd then Steele might not be your only problem right now.

    Sam is safe with me. If I have to I'll use whatever Doc has in the needle, but she seems to at least be immobilized in the chair.

    Less blogging, more big damn heroes.

    (I should be hanged for trying to inject humor into this.)

  22. Fuck, Steele, there is no fire. There is no Sam. But for god's sake there is a beast and it's hunting fucking you

  23. heeeeeere kitty kitty kitty kitty