Friday, 8 July 2011

-Spencer- Everyone.

If you're in the house, stay in the kitchen.
Keep Sam away from static.
DO NOT go in the east wing.
And as for you rearing your ugly head, you magnificent bastard?

I'm getting my employee back.

Don't stay up. Don't go outside. Cover the windows, and most of all;
Don't go after me.

O'course, if you want to stay alive, that is.



It's time for round two.


  1. Oh thank whatever non-existent gods are listening that someone still has their head. I don't have to fucking do this alone

  2. Really, I'm still fine. I've just got the cough like hell and I can't seem to hold anything and Jesus Rollerblading Christ here we go again.

    Heh. I'm almost glad I haven't eaten since we got back. I've gotta run out of Slendergunk eventually.


    Also, Spencer?

    Breakfast is at 10.

    Don't be late.

  3. spencer... what are you planning to do/
    please don't hurt me.

  4. You took my /employee/.

    I'm /none too happy/ about that.

    On my way; remember last time? This is going to be /interesting/.

  5. no, please.
    i didn't hurt anybody.
    it's so cold in there.

  6. what

    seriously what's happening and when the fuck did i get in the kitchen. i don't remember that.

  7. You know what you need to do.




  8. Sam, just keep your head down. Things are gonna get really ugly

  9. im so sorry
    im so sorry
    please just dont hurt me
    ill give him back
    i just wanted to get out for a while
    im so sorry

  10. ...Come on, kid.

    We're going home.

  11. ...the hell did I miss? I just woke upin my office on the floor. I'll be up in a minute, I just hav to find my glassses.


  12. Doc, you have no fucking idea what you missed. Just, keep your head down and stay away from Todd and Spence

  13. Oh Doc, thank god.

    We're holed up in the kitchen. Could you maybe bring me some of that stuff you use to keep the black goop down? I uh. I could really use some of that right now.

    Also, I suggest you stay clear of the north and east wings. Spence and Todd don't seem to be... well, you have eyes.

    Anyways, it's mostly settled now. At this rate I think we're leaning more towards dysfunctional and less towards family.

  14. When are we ever leaning towards family? Hurry up, Doc. Please

  15. That isn't the point right now, Amanda.

    Yes. Doc. Hurrying would be good. And Spence, I don't know what's happening over there, but if you're commenting you've gotta have things under control.

  16. Okay, I hate to intrude, but wow.
    Glad you're all okay so far. Well, except for Todd, apparently?
    Here's hoping you stay that way.

  17. Alright, guys, I brought the goods. Sorry about that, my glasses were lodged in my African violet's pot for some reason. Don't ask, I have no idea, and right now, I don't care.

    Is everyone alright, aside from the obvious?

  18. Well, I don't know about you all, my wonderful compatriots, but I'm still holed up in the garage...We've had a couple of masked men standing on the hill watching the show since high noon.

    One is totally into me, we were like, SO having eye sex.

    ...But I'm going to lock the door and cover up the windows in-case, I just lost sight of them...

    Though maybe that means they've lost hope of adding one of us to their ranks?

  19. Sam's hearing voices but besides that we seem alright. No one's hurt, if that's what you're asking. I need another cig, christ

  20. Steele, stay fucking safe man. We can't lose people right now. If possible, make it to the fucking kitchen

  21. The kitchen's a good place for you to be right now, Steele. But if you don't think you can make it then it's probably better you stay in the garage; you can take care of yourself.

    Doc, Amanda summed it up nicely. Sam's still hearing things but I think if she sleeps on it she should be fine. The chamomile you gave me is working pretty good too, and Amanda... well. Your cigs seem to work nicely for you.

    We need to get off the blog. It's bad enough we've just aired all of our dirty laundry for the blogosphere to see forever, but now it's just becoming useless. We can discuss this in person.

    We need sleep. Staying up and commenting isn't going to solve this.

    Pancakes in the morning. Ten o'clock. We're sleeping in.

    Lord knows we need it.

    August out.

  22. Sounds like a plan. I'll keep watch. You Loopies need all the sleep you fucking get right now. I don't need it that bad, I have a fresh pot of coffee and a new pack of cigs. I'll be fine.

  23. And to think, I thought this might have been easy.

    Thanks for the kind words. I just wish they were enough to fix the situation right now.

    Sigh. Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh. This is not a good situation at all.