Sunday, 3 July 2011

-Doc- Field Trip

You know, I forgot how much of a shithole this city really is. I had to spend one of my rotations at one of the hospitals here, back when I actually lived within distance. Had my car broken into a few times, almost got mugged in the staff zone of the parking garage. It’s a bit funny if you consider that I’d hardly bat an eye at any of that happening now. Anymore, we can hardly blink without something going down, and that’s just at “home.” When we go on our little outings, I’m surprised we get back with all our limbs still attached.

We do lose something every time we go out like this, but it’s nothing I can stitch back on.

Let’s just hope this delivery’s quicker than the last big one I was on. What a mess that was, though I have to admit that this one’s shaping up to be fairly similar. Haven’t seen quite this many proxy guts caught in a grill for some time.


  1. How very unsubtle. This isn't a warzone, folks, no matter how much we might wish it was. Running down proxies with mothers and siblings? My bleeding heart begs to differ.

    That said, if anybody so much as so much as touches the Maloo's windshield, I will hunt them down, tie them up and drain them of their blood via syringe. Nobody say I won't.

  2. Don't look at me, I didn't run the guy over. Just making some observations here. If I was going to start killing proxies, I'd be far more covert about it.

    The thought of you draining someone's blood out with a syringe like some kind of toothless vampire is hilarious to me. Not sure why, it just is.

  3. Human guts. That's what they are.

  4. ....just sayin', whose job was it to clean out that grill?