Wednesday, 6 July 2011

-Spencer- Team, I know I said...

That I wouldn't be saying anything about The Loop.
(In less eloquent a motion, of course)
But the boss is drinkin' and in a talkin' mood now and now that the delivery is done it seems that 've calmed down a bit.

If I keep sain' that, do y'think I'll start to believe it?

Loops. I fuckin' hate them. If we live on pages of paper in a stack then Loops are that little bit of space in between each of 'em. And I'm not sure what everyone else's Loops are like, but mine are fucking weird (READ: Understatement)

The package got delivered, that's what counts. Don't really like these guys; they're a peice of work.

"You realize that if you weren't needed for your services...." Black suit numero uno looked at me, and I found m'self thinking that they really need to wear nametags.

"Well, it's a damn good thing we're needed then, isn't it?" I was grinnin', o'course; this guy was eyein' August and it was pissin' me off. I'm far from short and was almost chest to chest with this guy until he pressed the package into my hands, stalking off in what I could only assume to be an arrogant huff.

"How's the Zeke situation going, by the way?" I called, and he gave me a glare of seething anger before tossing me a rather large stack of bills.

Wowee. If I couldn't deal with these guys, I could certainly deal with their cash.

"It's a thin line that you're treading on, _________."

He's lucky that semi passed by just as he said that name, or else...

Let's not get into that. From there, it was into the loop and-

Sam still hasn't recovered. not surprised, o'course; it was her first time and sometimes it can mess y'up in the head for days or weeks 'till you're back to normal. She'll be fine.

... Just don't get it. Jus'don't get it.

"Guys, wait up a bit, can't y'see I'm stuck in a crowd here?"



"Spence, there is no crowd. We're all alone in here."


Maybe they didn't know'em.
There were four more in the crowd since las'time.

Why won't y'let me forget, y'bastard?

And every time, it gets worse.


  1. Shit. Spence, you be careful. And don't beat yourself up over the things you can't change.

  2. -sigh- In my experience, it's better not to forget, no matter how much it hurts.

  3. I'd like to bring a quantum physicist along for the ride next time, just to see what they'd make of it.

  4. Glad you got paid for all that bullshit. I mean, they made you go to Detroit, and nobody needs that.

    You guys are crazy, but that's probably a good thing. About time someone got business out of this shit at least-- someone other than the many suits.

    Also, never thought of the loops as the space between pieces of paper, but it makes sense. Good luck.

  5. Detroit? Oh God, I am so very, very sorry.

    Nobody deserves Detroit.

  6. @Jean
    It's a bit more complicated than that, but yeah. Papers and the spaces between is the best way to put it, and if reality is the papers and the spaces are the Loops, then I guess the binding that connects the pages together is the internet.

    Really, it wasn't that bad. While I didn't appreciate the FREE CANDY van being broken into and my radio being stolen while we were gone (and leaving all the expensive equipment, much to my surprise) and Doc certainly isn't happy about being mugged, (or an attempt at mugging, seeing as now there's a hobo's corpse somewhere in an underground parking garage) it could have been a lot worse.