Saturday, 9 July 2011

-Doc- Licking Our Wounds

Last night was...damn. Just, damn. I'm not sure how clear this report will be, I had to take a couple of Vicodin to deal with some injuries of my own, but I have to put down some sort of report while I'm away from my files. I'll copy it there and modify everyone's treatment plans later.

Amanda - pulse 102, 99.1°F.. Not sure why her temperature is elevated, but unless she breaks a fever, I'm not going to worry about it. Pulse is elevated due to stress.

Sam - pulse 74, 97.9°F. She is conscious, and still feeling the effects of the medication August administered to her last night. She seems normal otherwise. Pulse is still a bit depressed, so I'll be keeping an eye on things.

August - pulse 88, 98.7°F. The cocktail of medication I gave seems to be doing its job.

Todd - pulse 90, 98.9°F. Nothing else to report.

Boss - pulse 78, 98.6°F. Sustained minor injuries in the struggles last night, needed stitches, nothing else to report.

Me - pulse 82, 98.9°F. I'm...not feeling that great. My head's been killing me since last night. I tripped on a loose board during the escape and hit my head pretty hard. From what I can tell, my reflexes are fine, so it's probably just sore.

Steele - pulse 68, 102.4°F. He's in terrible shape. The dose I handed off to Amanda to stick him with might've been a bit much. First thing this morning, he was conscious for nearly an hour without showing any real response: just stared at the ceiling and drooled. He mumbled to me a little while I was taking his vitals, but i couldn't make it out, and he didn't react when I tried to speak to him right after. I've gotten him up and around a little, but I don't think he knows what century it is. Unfortunately for the poor bastard, that's not the worst he's got going right now, and I'm not referring to his fever. His left arm was badly dislocated during the escape, but I managed to pop it back in. His left ankle is sprained, but with some time and proper care, it should heal. It's his right hand that I'm worried about. It's been...well, excuse the crude terminology, but it's completely shattered and fucked up. I'm trying to make him as comfortable as possible right now. His reflex tests seemed relatively normal given the circumstances, so I don't believe he's suffered any head injuries. He won't be happy when he becomes fully lucid again, that much I can say. I hope he doesn't need a prosthetic, that's a bit beyond my usual area of expertise. I know some back-alley orthopods who would do it, but I'm sure Steele would prefer to keep his own hand.

General prognosis: we'll all live, but it won't be pretty. Business as usual.


  1. Temp's elevated cuz I'm fucking stressed and can't find my fucking cigs. And I can't be bothered to make a pot of fucking coffee. This is an open call, you find any fucking cigs you give them to me right away.

  2. ...ugh, Steele really shouldn't be on his feet right now, but the minute I turn away, he's stumbling around like an idiot. I put an ankle brace on him. It won't be a cure-all, but it should at least prevent him from hurting himself too much.

    I'm feeling a bit woozy, I'm going to have a lie-down.

  3. Hey Augustus, want to play nurse and cut up my pancakes for me? Maybe some eggy wegs? It will be deliciously decadent and oh so Roman. Actually forget the pancakes, got any grapes?

    God the shift key is such an effort now. Typing with one hand is not my strong suite, in contrary to popular opinion.

    ...Don't cut the hand, Doc.

  4. Steele, you moron, sit your ass down somewhere and let the non-medicated adults take care of you. God, you going to be a fucking pain in our collective asses even more than usual now. And you will just have pancakes and you will fucking like them

  5. Okay, but if it starts getting infected badly, it might be between dying of sepsis and losing the hand. I can't set the bones properly without an x-ray to see what's going on, but I'll try to keep it clean and see if it'll heal properly.

    ...I was going to lie down, wasn't I? Fuck it, I have too much work to do.

  6. fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK.
    Spencer's gonna go have a drink, kiddies. Holler if you need me.

    I need to get my wing back in order.

  7. blow me amanda. No not really that's disgusting, i don't want to know where your beak has been.

    oh wait that's not amanda.


  9. DOc's sleeping. fuck.
    Anyone know where some pain meds are? fingers jus started fuckn hurtin. a lot. and this IS todd, just in case anyone asks.

  10. Why yes my dear vulpine friend I believe I do. Give me a sec to find my bag. no need to thank me.

  11. Steele
    i'm no fox and your in no condition to be medicating me.

  12. Wow, your dick must be tiny to pull that off.

    And Todd, if you still need 'em, I'll find something for you. Don't take anything from Steele, under any circumstances.

  13. understood.
    ALso, i never did apologize for creeping you out last nite. sorry bout that.

  14. It's alright. You weren't all there or something. Just don't do it fucking again.
    You're still in the kitchen, right? I'll run some pain meds up to you.

  15. yup. and i'll do eveerything i can not to do it again, but /i didn't do that/. i don't know what did. but i'll make sure never to write ebert-esque style reviews of nonexistant moveis again.


  16. Ok, heading up now.
    And I know, fuck, I can't tell what ever the hell did do it to stop, can I?

  17. Gawd, after i showed you nothing but love and maybe a tiny death threat for perfectly legitimate reasons? Harsh man. Why would you prefer to take the medicine off a doctor who doesn't swear by it for herself?

    No wait she's been dosing herself up on Vicodin since the loop because 'she had a headache'.

    In that case i feel she is of sound mind and judgement and you should go right ahead and let her inject illegally acquired opiates into your FACE.

  18. I might not be entirely drug-free at the moment, but I'm still far clearer than you are. I took some medicine that made me a little drowsy: it's nothing compared to what you have going through your system right now. Don't even try to pretend like it's the usual cocktail that you operate on. Not after having your hand smashed into hamburger. I also don't see you acquiring your meds legally, so blow me.

    Todd, swing by the basement later and I'll take a look at your fingers. I'm sorry I was sleeping when you were in pain. Next time you need something urgent like that, please don't hesitate to wake me up so I can do my job. Steele, I'd also like to see you later tonight or early tomorrow morning so I can take another look at your hand. Don't want to have to lose that, now, do we?

  19. Doc, don't worry about it. They started hurting after you were asleep. They're better now. Amanda got me the meds.

    I would have woken you up, but it was pain I've had before. Nothing Slendery related that I couldn't take care of myself.