Tuesday, 12 July 2011

-August- Happy Birthday To Me.


Hey Todd, you're finally allowed to not feel guilty about staring at me like that in all fifty states.


Spence has something in NYC he needs me to pick up. Normally I'd argue why he couldn't get it himself, but we've already had our weekly disagreement (twelve years, huh?) and I'm kind of glad to be getting out of the house. The events of the eighth don't exactly give me any grounds to argue on, (as the boss pointed out himself) so I guess it's living in a van for a few days for me.

New York's a ways away and I'll be handling a couple small things of my own; cameras in certain areas and those radio stations are still in need of repair, especially considering one went down with a fire in Manhattan.

(Maybe our little pyromaniacal friend from before? No, no, no, he should be... )

Taking the van. We've got bikes thanks to Spencer's... connections so if you really need to get out there are always those. We're all hermits anyways so I really don't see how it matters.

Love love, be home soon, don't do anything stupid,



  1. Crap, I guess you /are/ older than me.

    Happy birthday anyway. And please try to get back before someone accidentally the house.

  2. You should probably be more worried about Spencer. At least I keep my hands to myself.

  3. Mostly.

    Oh, and good luck and stuff.

  4. Well first off Happy Birthday.

    Second stay safe mkay? :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KID! Not that you'll see this before you're done the delivery, but hey, whatevarrrrr.

    (Enjoy the little gift I snuck into your bag :3)

  6. Eighteen? I thought you turned eighteen last year.

    ...Okay so, a while back, maybe 8 months ago, you may have received a very confusing letter detailing several untoward practices, and there may have even been illustrations. I want you to forget all about that letter and never mention that you were underage when you received it.

    But anyway, happy birthday! I should really get you a present. You know, for when you come back.