Saturday, 30 July 2011

-Spencer- Team, we're heading home

Of course, we had a slight detour, but August can handle that one.

(Not really in the mood to be posting, to be honest)

But I feel we've had enough excitement for the next....

well, forever, really.

But fat chance of us getting any time off.So as soon as we're all back and chipper, it's back to business.
(I have never been so happy to say that, ever.)

Todd, glad to see everything went-
Well, you're alive, right? And so is Steele and Doc and deargodthiscouldhavebeenalotworse. So I suggest that you all lay low for a bit.

Oh, and guys?

If I figure out that ANY if you have been in The East Wing, I will personally drag you back to where I found you.
I'll leave it up to your imagination of what will happen from there.

Hugs and Kisses~!


  1. Spence, It's not too often I see someone interrupt their self while typing.

  2. Well, maybe I lied a bit. I'm not /EXACTLY/ back to normal
    (or not)
    Or fuckdammit I don't know. How's everything at The House?

  3. Spencer, I...
    I'm sorry for so much madness.
    I hope you guys get some quiet. Did... did you ever get a chance to read your letters?

  4. Oh fearless leader, if I was going into the East Wing, I would tell you straight to your face.

    The House is as quiet as ever. Doc's been her mad scientist little self, and I've been in the garage trying to fix my old Ducati.

    Todd's...I don't know. Being a regular old playwright? What DO you do in your spare time, little fox?

  5. Good to know you're all keeping busy, then.
    (why I pay you to do nothing half the time is beyond me)
    And Elaine.
    I did read my letter.
    That answers that.

  6. Answers what? I didn't read them... Though I guess maybe you don't want to say?