Sunday, 10 July 2011

-Todd- Just a little pissed.

Only slightly.

I'm no expert on irony, but what happened was something close to or comparable to it. Normally, I'd be used to waking up after blacking out, and everyone around me being hurt. What happened to me in Anxiety seemed to be a subversion of the usual. I woke up, hurt and insecure, but I hadn't harmed anyone. Then that night, (or morning, depending on whatever time it was. Fuck, I don't even know.) I wake up after blacking out to find everyone else mentally or physically damaged in some way.

Except for me. To quote Doc; "Todd - pulse 90, 98.9°F. Nothing else to report." Not even a headache or something, for Chrissakes. But pretty soon, I find out that none of it was because of me. Or, that it all started with me.

For the record, and really hope you guys trust me on this, I have no recollection of writing any of 'prolonging'. But I cannot say in all honesty that I'm not familiar with some of the events described in it. Especially that last scene, to quote... myself, I suppose; "[T]he ...[Slender Man], standing above the dead bodies of the seven protagonists." And yes, that includes me. You know how it is with trying to sleep and dreaming and the like. Although, I have no idea where the whole film festival thing came in.

On a side note, I know no Latin, like, at all. So you're guess is as good as mine when it comes to what those names mean. Although, as Steele pointed out (in a needlessly threatening way, I may
mention), Apparently, I'm a fox, and he is a lion.

Tell me, what sense does that make? Why would I make Steele a larger, and more deadly animal then myself? (I would never refer to a lion as majestic, Steele. The only things they know how to do is eat, sleep, and hump. And kill.)

So, in summary, I black out, I wake up, everyone's fucked up, except for me, and Steele's got it out for me.

Spencer, if we get any orders, assign me. You all need to rest, and frankly, I need to get hurt.


  1. "The only things they know how to do is eat, sleep, and hump. And kill."

    Sounds about like Steele to me, actually.

  2. I never said he wasn't like a lion. I just said he wasn't majestic.

  3. It's a hard life, but someone's got to do it.

    And, my dear man, would you not 'have it out' for you if you were in your situation? Alright; you see you, writing your little arthouse masterpiece, with your little threatening 'all of you will die' ('you' being everyone in this case) tripe...What can you say? You felt threatened, for yourself and on behalf of your compatriots, so you take steps to make sure you don't fuck up.