Saturday, 2 July 2011

-Sam- I'm only good at fighting when I'm in a vehicle.

It's true. As August mentioned earlier, I kicked some creepy masked dude ass today from our FREE CANDY van. The fact that I've ingested about four times the recommended daily amount of caffeine probably didn't hurt either. Right now I am so tired but I think sleep is completely out of the question, for lots of reasons.

I'm really not looking forward to the walking part of our delivery. On foot, I suck at fighting. Really, really suck at it. Doesn't help that most of my weapons came from some garage I broke into whilst escaping from the fiery doom that was my grandma's house. What am I supposed to do, fight off proxies with a hammer? (Also "whilst" was probably not the best word to use there but I like that word, dammit. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst whilst whilst. GOD I HAVE HAD SO MUCH CAFFEINE TODAY.)

Anyway, I have no idea where we are right now. Are we still moving? I really don't know. August is driving right now (obviously) and I think he may have gotten us lost. Again. (August would also like to point out that I have gotten us lost far more times than he has. Which is probably true. A lot of it is because I can't, you know, drive. Fortunately I'm a fast learner.)

...Hmm. What else is there to say right now? Well, I should have profound advice to offer like everyone else, but I just don't. I am not the profound advice kind of person. Right now the my thoughts mostly consist of "CAFFEINE GOOD" and "ACK MASKED GUY KILL IT KILL IT"

Whoa. I killed people today.

I. Killed. People. Today.

Shit, I can't think about this right now. Sam out.


  1. Glad I brought my own car, means I don't need to sit in the back and listen to the newbie have a moral crisis. That said, when we get near the city lights, I'm parking this in some quiet place and jumping in the van the rest of the way. Like hell I'm taking this baby into Detroit.

  2. You're an odd, odd bunch, ain't ya?

  3. 'Odd' is one way to put it. I would have used another, stronger word, but whatever floats your boat.

    And Sam, we are not lost. We've just... driven down this road... three times already.

    We are not lost.

  4. Taking the scenic route? good luck with that one

  5. It's a bit late, but . . .

    Remember Sam, by the time they reach the point that guys had (wearing masks and doing His bidding) they're barely human anymore. Fuck, some of them don't even bleed RED anymore . . . or at all.