Friday, 8 July 2011

-Amanda- What The Fuck

Seriously, guys, what the fuck happened guys. It was supposed to be a routine delivery what the hell happened? Jesus fuck, guys. I go to take care of something on the East Coast and everything goes to shit. Motherfuck. Can't leave you guys alone for a fucking minute, jesus motherfucking christ.

Christ, and here I thought these fucking massive storms would make my trip the most interesting.You know how He is with fucking rain. But besides that it was really fucking quiet, for once. Hell, I only had two Proxies to speak of. Guess they were off chasing your doomed corpses. Didn't even get a glimpse of Him, though that doesn't mean a goddamn thing.

Ok, is everyone back at base right? We need to regroup and shit. And looks like I'm going to have to take charge of your sorry asses til you get over the fun Loop tripping. Have to take care of a house full of Runners while off their goddamn heads now. Motherfucking great. I need a cig. Or ten.


  1. Uh. Well. Spence and I are doing pretty good I think, but Spence is really peeved and looks tired and he's been drinking a lot.

    (Not that that's anthing new.)

    And i've been feeling kind of sick for the last couple of days and I can't really seem to stop puking up that black Slendergarbage and Doc i could really use you right abotu now.


    Okay, focus, focus, focus. Spence and I are in the kitchen, and you should probably join us. We don't know where Todd is and Doc is locked in the basement (I really don't want to go down there) and... Sam. I don't know where Sam is.

  2. Ok. Crash session in the kitchen. Meet you there. And drink anything, keep fucking hydrated

  3. I think Spence has the whole 'drink anything' under control already, my dear.

    We must catch up, you worthy lamb you, I have missed our discussions!

  4. Not in the fucking mood, Steele. We have some serious shit going down and I'm trying to keep my shit together and this isn't fucking helping.