Saturday, 27 August 2011

-Steele- And We're Off.

And once again, it is time for another delivery…

Well, this time? It’s more of an armed escort. Here’s the transcript:

”Mr. Steele,

I have been following your blog for a while now, first as a matter of interest as an observer, looking at your contribution and re-imagining of the features of these so-called Slender Man Blogs…then as a matter of a lot more, personal relevance. Myself and my work partner are currently doing some investigations linked to Mr. Tall and Slender, particularly some of his 'devout', so to speak: and the trail of evidence points to Nevada. My partner must stay in New Jersey, and I do not feel safe travelling alone, or advertising my activities online. Though I seem to be doing a fantastic job of that now. I do realise this is not the usual job description, and I do not mean to treat you as a common mercenary. But I can offer money, and I can offer information, while you can offer discreetness and protection. I'm not talking killing anyone, I understand that is not your inclination, but I'd love to have some company that can do something other than run and hide, which is admittedly my inclination.

Reply as soon as you can, and I shall provide you with pick up and drop off details.

Bring your gun.


Dr. Matthew Rivers, Psy.D.”

Mercenary. Love that word.

So naturally, I replied back. I'm leaving for the next couple days...Hell, it'll probably be a week before I get back to the house. And I don't imagine I'll be able to check the blog much on the way.

Y'all are gonna have to just deal with the lack of my visage for a little bit! You'll live.



  1. Nevada? Again? This is beginning to look like more than a weird coincidence. I'll keep an eye out for you guys if you stop by Vegas. Or maybe Area 51? I've been thinking about taking a trip down there. I'd love to here about some of this research.

  2. Rabbit:
    The world is full of power and energy and a person can go far by just skimming off a tiny bit of it.

  3. I'm more of literal thinker, so your gonna have to be a bit more specific with all your symbolic quotes if you really want the message to sink in.

  4. In case you miss it, dear Rabbit:


  5. Oh no hey! Check it out it works. You want me to run from a farmer? Ok I'll keep an eye out for him. But frankly I'm a bit more worried about the Slender Man. I'm sure the Farmer caused you lots of trouble though, and I wish you luck in your quest to defeat him.

  6. You're escorting Dr. Rivers? I read his blog, and it doesn't surprise me that he'd call on one of us eventually. Good luck to both of you.

  7. Delivery response time; leaves much to be desired.

    Taking business elsewhere.

  8. Semicolons, how do; you use them?

  9. ^ Something I often wonder.

  10. I believe they may be magnet-powered.

  11. The art of the semi-colon is long lost, taught only by the monastic orders of the Emm Ah. They are a close-knit and secretive sort, not wont to share their mystic command of the semi-colon with outsiders or neophytes.

    Seriously. Learn to english.

  12. Hey gais, how I english~?

    And as for you, Anon?

    Either I've wiped out the competition (competitive pricing!)or they turned up dead (I had no hand in that!). So as you can gather, there really is nobody else for you to go to.

    Best of luck! ;D

  13. Magnet; powered?

    Hell, I; thought they; were steam powered.