Friday, 26 August 2011

-August- Home Again

I'm sorry, Schrodinger, that I couldn't be around to say hello or cook you a meal. Nevada's a long way away and I really wish I had driven faster... oh well. What can you do? If you're ever in the area again, you should stop by; I'll make you the best pancakes you've ever had in your life.

(Or, so Spencer tells me. But judging by what these people ate before I came here the bar wasn't exactly set high.)

Delivery went well, yadda yadda, driving for fifty hours sucks, bluh bluh, ELO is fantastic, Doc, I'm sorry I took your CDs, I'm tired, good night.

You can read about the drop off here if you're so curious. I'm going to get some rest so I can get back to cooking, cleaning and helping Elaine figure out what that key unlocks.


  1. Sleep well, August. And thanks for the help.

  2. August, have you and Elaine considered that perhaps some doors are better left unopened?

    Honestly, it's a bit of a madhouse in there. After Steele's post? I'd really prefer that neither of you got eaten or something.

  3. I gave Elaine a tour of the basement this morning, so no need to worry about that.

    As for the CDs, I'm just glad that you enjoyed them, and that you took them and not Boss. Considering.