Sunday, 7 August 2011

-Doc- House Calls

It’s difficult to recall the last time I did a solo delivery. I’m about half a day from my destination now: I’m driving, but in my attempt to take a shortcut through a city, I’ve hit a construction zone. Stop and go, you know the drill, so I have to finish this before I can actually get out of here. I don’t think I’ll be able to communicate again until I’ve finished this job. If you’re wondering why this is so urgent, I received a private delivery request from a sick teenager whose father will not let her leave the house. Three guesses why. I usually avoid doing house calls, but this seems like a different sort of situation. The father has agreed to let me examine her, so I’m hurrying over there before he changes his mind, or before the girl's condition worsens.

The road’s been eerily peaceful, even as I’ve driven past crop fields where a proxy could jump out at any moment. I’m glad I got the radio in this thing replaced; honestly, I’m terrified I’ll start hearing things if all I have to listen to is the car's rumbling. Though to be honest, it couldn't be as bad as the things I hear as I'm falling asleep in the basement.

Take care, everyone. I left on very short notice, so please feel free to use my medical supplies as you need them. Go into the basement (mind the first step), turn left once you’re down the stairs, second room on the right. I’ll ask that you use them ONLY as needed: if I see that all the narcotics have been swiped when I get back, I better see you all half-dead and bleeding everywhere or I’ll make everyone pay for them twice.


  1. Traffic! If there's one thing I hate more than inexplicable eldritch abominations....

    Well. you know. More that murderous psychopathic people that /SERVE/ inexplicable eldritch abominations with no semblance of sanity.

  2. Was that last sentence an invite, Doc?

  3. So you're saying if everyone's half-dead and bleeding everywhere, I can have your narcotics?

    Well that's an offer I can't refuse.

  4. That's sweet, Doc. I hope it turns out alright.