Saturday, 20 August 2011

-August- Love is Like Oxygen

Sometimes I wonder, Spence, if you don't just leave these things in places where you know I'll be the only one to look there. Why was the Electric Light Orchestra discography behind our James Bond collection and how is it possible for music to be this good?

I don't think I've gotten through the first three albums in the last couple of days because this stuff is amazing.
And then I think to myself: you know, somebody probably hid them back there so nobody else would steal them while they were out. Because, let's face it; we are a courier service, we dotravel long distances crammed in cars - often alone. If it weren't for the constant run-ins with Slim n' Trim and his masked compadres we'd have serious trouble keeping ourselves in the appropriate sector of the BMI index.

Delivery's gone well so far; something about the Nevada sun seemed to wake me up and I got two extra hours of driving in before landing in a Holiday Inn in some tiny desert town. The owner seemed nice enough; a woman, looked to be about fifty. Gave me a bit of a strange look and asked what 'a young face like me was doing 'round these parts?' I just smiled and asked her for a room.

Pickup ended up being near the MGM Grand, a wonderful and expensive-looking hotel and casino. All I could find myself thinking, as I stood at the foot of a lion that looked to be made of something very, very pricey, was 'how many poor suckers lost their life fortunes behind those doors?'

Triple digits, at least - and that's annually.

The package I'm delivering is a notebook, green in color with intricate white swirls. I know better than to open it, mostly due to the fact that I can't seem to look at the thing for very long without developing a horrible headache.

I've kept it in the back of the Explorer because I'm getting horrible vibes off the thing Just another mad woman's notebook, I keeping telling myself. It's not the first you've delivered and certainly not the last.



The new car.

The payment for this delivery was a car of the sender's; apparently one of the only thing the girl has left. While it's far from a luxury car you can tell she's had it for a while, and the personality really shines through. It's a blue Ford Explorer and something of a gas guzzler, but the suspension is fantastic and makes some of the rougher parts of the highway much more comfortable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pretend that my sleep schedule is something close to normal and stare at the ceiling for a couple hours.

Be home soon. Be safe, yeah? Best of luck to everybody.


  1. The Wise Hermit says,
    Notebooks are bad news
    Get rid of quick

    But you already knew that.

    (see what I did there)

  2. Glad you're doing well. Stay safe, and be careful with that creepy notebook.

  3. So that's where all my ELO CDs went.

  4. Perfect! We were going to need a car after that delivery.
    It's a good thing it wasn't the free candy van that I took with me. I'm fond of that thing, and August, you would've cried a river; they torched out the whole van and stole anything that looked remotely useful. It's a good thing I travel light.

  5. It's a very good thing you didn't have the ELO CDs with you I'd wager, Spencer.


  7. I've had a headache for upwards of three hours. And my painkillers are gone. Allcaps text makes things worse. I don't know why. I hate you Spencer.

  8. Some advice, Mr. St. Claire, about what to do with cryptic notebooks.