Sunday, 7 August 2011

Well, actually, Steele....

I'm in New York at the the moment.
... long story.

To summarize;

A delivery went horribly horribly wrong (as per usual),
I ended up getting duffed up, shot in the leg, /AND/ punched in the face.

What I do know is that Collector is a lying bastard.

He was NOT okay with me delivering shit and that's the last time I make a delivery like that ALONE.

So I /really/ didn't want to go back Home like this.

(Doc is going to tear me a new one once she sees me.)

Ended up just kind of wandering. Sometimes going on Path, sometimes not. Soothing. Comforting. Don't really know why. And when I finally stop walking to get a cup of coffee at a shoddy little hotel (which tasted like a war crime, anyways)....

Elaine walked into the cafe.

So I'll be home by nightfall; just going to have a bit of a day out.

(I promise not to get shit faced drunk, okay?)


  1. ... Um. Sorry about last night. Again. Doc, it was kind of my fault. Don't blame Spence, he was just trying to help.

    And... I know you're sitting right there and it's fucking stupid to type this out considering I'm just going to say it again, but thank you.

  2. Sorry to hear about that.
    Thank you for doing what you did.
    Given that Collector didn't seem to be happy with you, I doubt they'll find out who did it, but we know.

  3. Sorry for dragging you into that, Spencer. Thanks for doing -something-, though.

    Cripes, I just make things worse, don't I?

  4. There's a strange coincidence. Unless it wasn't.

  5. I hope you two had fun. Looks like you both needed it.