Sunday, 14 August 2011

-Steele- On the Glorious Leadership of one Mr. Spencer Fitzgerald, Esq.

If that is your real name.

My friends and compatriots, think of the inspiring military leaders throughout the ages. Napoleon Bonaparte, Erwin Rommel, Douglas MacArthur. All of them, no matter whom they were fighting for, or fighting against, possessed several traits in common…foremost amongst these, they had the ability to connect with their soldiers and inspire great things. They knew keenly the troubles of their men; Bonaparte was just a cannoneer from Corsica when he started out, MacArthur was on the trenches, leading his troops across No Man’s Land with nothing but a rainbow scarf and a riding crop. They would lead their troops into danger, but they’d be right there with them every step of the way, and make it through the other side. Together.

Never would they do anything to put their men in harm’s way for no goddamn reason.

And so I come to Mr. Fitzgerald. He comes with us on deliveries, sure…but is he a true leader? Let’s look at the facts.

He spends most of his time in the East Wing.

He doesn’t take his meals with us in the mess hall on regular occasions: He eats in the East Wing. He drinks himself to sleep in the East Wing.

The East Wing. The greatest secret of them all. It all fucking comes back to the East Wing.

Not that there aren’t other secrets, of course. And privacy is not something I can complain about, not at all.

But these secrets are directly hazardous to the team.

Todd, for example. We were all completely unaware of his condition until now…

Well, most of us were. Sybil told me otherwise…Spencer knew. Spencer knows exactly what’s going on there, he knows how to stop it, apparently.

Yet he hasn’t. Todd’s been getting worse and worse over the last few months.

Yet do we get a warning? Any indication that our friend might suddenly go Grosvenor and hunt us down?

And now, we get to Spencer himself. His mysterious past…

And now this.

Black tendrils?

He’s one of Them, like you guys can’t see this. We aren’t safe. We never were, but now we are even less so. This job, it’s not a means to provide security anymore. It is the reason we have none.

And it’s about time I had a bit of a chat with Our Glorious Leader about these conditions.

A long chat.



  2. There is but one step from the grotesque to the horrible.

  3. Elaine, I'm sure Spencer can take care of himself.

    That said, Steele, I share the sentiment. Your boss is not a bad guy. Ask, but do not accuse. I can almost guarantee there's more to this than you think.

  4. Of course not, Elaine. I wouldn't hurt a man who's pinned to a fucking board by his skin.

    Once he's all sewn up though, I can't make any promises. August can slap me around all he likes, but the fact of the matter is, these secrets are putting us in danger, and I'd appreciate a bit of forewarning before a person I call my friend, tries to kill me.

    You would deny me this?

    Then fuck you.

  5. ... You want to protect yours? I want to protect mine. Funnily enough, that includes Spencer. Fuck off.

  6. What is everyone's problem with me asking for some goddamn truthfulness in this house? Is it too much to fucking ask that the people who I hold dear are told what they're getting into, rather than just walking into this shit unknowingly? We've gotten away mostly unscathed so far, but how long do you think that's going to keep going?

    What if Todd hadn't fucking blogged about killing us, and had just grown some balls and did it?

    But at least if that had happened, I wouldn't be around to question our glorious leader about the morality of him not telling us about the monsters under our beds.

    That'd make things so much better, wouldn't it?

  7. Watch out for yourself but dont jump to any conclusions too quickly

  8. ... Steele, perhaps around the time you realize you're basing this wrath on things Sybil told you, and that Sybil is fucking manifestation of insanity, you'll calm the fuck down.

    Secrets fucking happen, in this line we all have them, but since when is it your fucking right to know everything about everyone, huh?

  9. Elaine. You need to calm down too. Yelling won't solve anything.

    Steele, I appreciate your desire for answers, but someone keeping secrets and the assumption that those secrets are a direct danger to you or others are two different things. One does not lead to the other. Go ahead and ask him your questions if you want to, but don't get angry if he refuses, because that's his right if he wants to keep things to himself. If you absolutely feel like you can't trust him, then keep your distance and take what he says with a grain of salt, but it is not your place to rally a friggin' coupe d'etat.

  10. He's using you. Or maybe those other personalities are. But they are probably His fault. Whatever.

  11. Like any of this is about Sybil. I've talked to Spence, she wasn't lying, he did know.

    And how am I assuming that these secrets are a direct danger to me?

    I have quite substantial proof that one of the secrets (Todd's condition) is dangerous to us. This proof is every single blog post he has ever made, fucking OPEN YOUR EYES.

    What should I do, take him at his word that the black wriggling things INSIDE OF HIM are for the good of the company? Mindlessly run around without considering the circumstances I am in? Just be Spence's little attack dog, go where he says, even though it might be directly detrimental to mine, or my friend's health?

    I know some masked men who might agree with you guys.

  12. ... Right. So other than you being a pissy little bitch, what reason has he given you not to trust him, exactly?
    You want to fucking know more about him, maybe go peek at where he gave me his life's story to post on my blog?
    Fucking hell, Steele, I never thought I'd have to be arguing on the side of trusting someone more, but you're being completely idiotic.

  13. Oh really, Elaine?

    He had his chest open.

    And was pulling out black tendrils.

    Explain that to me, please? Explain how that is something I should be trusting MORE.

    I don't WANT to know Spencer's troubled past.

    I want to know when it's time to start running.

  14. ... Did you bother to ask? Because I know what that was and why it's not a reason to stop trusting him. And if he's willing to tell me then I bet he's willing to tell you. Especially since, as I said, the answer is on the fucking internet.

    Pull your head out of your ass and start asking the RIGHT questions.

  15. Yes, Elaine, that notebook definitely seems like a product of a rational mind, which hasn't been tainted by Slender in any way, shape or form.

    "Shall I compare thee to a summer day? Tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell TELL tell tell."

    God, if my head's up my ass, I can't imagine where yours is.

  16. ... If you'd been paying attention, you'd know that that note you reference wasn't a part of the fucking notebook. It was left in a fucking paper sack in my suitcase by a crazy bastard who is NOT Spence because I was with him at the time, before you ask.

  17. And his theories seem more rational to you than that? His story? His Teller and his Writer? He IS tainted, and who are you to say otherwise without poking around in his chest yourself? Who are you to know if, or when, he might be lost?

    Who do you think you are, telling me to not worry about the team's safety considering our leader's condition. That's the name of the game, girlie: People change in this line of work, and you should be used to that by now. In fact, I hope you are, otherwise you ain't going to be surviving in this line of work for too much longer.

  18. Yes, they do. His theories and story seems about as rational as anything else in this mess of ours. Of course he's tainted, so are again, quite a lot of us. Including Todd, I would point out.

    I'm not fucking telling you to not worry about the safety of your team. I'm fucking telling you to turn the rage the fuck off and think rationally and STOP FUCKING THREATENING THE PERSON WHO'S BEEN TRYING TO KEEP YOU SAFE. Seriously, Steele, he's been nothing but worried about you since you fucking left, and then you come back like fucking this because you'd rather listen to Todd's crazies than even give Spence a proper chance to explain.
    Fuck you, asshole.