Friday, 5 August 2011

-Spencer- Team, time to take a rest

(Because one can never get enough of themed titles)

So we're all home safe and sound, if you're not counting a few bruises and scratches, whoopdie doo. After the excitement we've had in the past month, well...
We need the break we're getting.

It's kind of hard to re-adjust to home life; sometimes you see knives embedded in the walls because someone startled someone else; everyone keeps looking over their shoulders, watching their backs. And with what has been happening lately?

I don't blame them.

So, to recap, we've had;
A delivery that culminated with being trapped in a Loop,
Sam getting sick from it,
Todd going nuts,
A foray into The East Wing that ended... badly,
Me finding Tom and getting everyone the fuck out of The Wing (did I mention Steele tried to SHOOT SLENDER BECAUSE HE DID),
August realizing that the team really doesn't know a damn thing about me,
Regular deliveries on top of this shit,
Cam's wedding,
August in a dress
Cam dying,
Four days in The Wing by myself,
Some of the team going after Elaine,
Lots and lots of backstories,
A screaming match in the middle of a diner that's probably scarred Sam for life and will end up costing me a fortune in psychological help,

Aaaand this all is happening while running from Slender and proxies and godknowswhatelse and trying to keep alive. All in a day's work for all of us, I guess.

Either way. I'm going to make a small delivery on my own; be back within a few hours.
Usually, I don't do work without payment.....

(And really, I'm just thrilled that someone finally submitted a delivery request PROPERLY.)

Speaking of deliveries, Elaine gave me a bunch of letters that she wants delivered. They, er-

they're from Cam.

I'll be contacting you all separately, I guess. Or I could break into your houses and just leave them there or something. Avoid the social contact.

Don't know, don't care for now. Sure, it'd be faster if I got the team on it...

But they really do need to rest. They've all.

... You've all done a good job.

Try not to get into any mischief while I'm gone, alright?

(And have some fun, for god's sake!)


  1. I'm glad you guys are getting a rest, and again, I'm sorry for my part in the recent insanity.

    Thank you SO MUCH for delivering those letters, by the way.

    And Spence? Watch your ass.

  2. Afraid I can't do that, Boss. Something just landed in my inbox that I can't ignore: I'll be gone by noon. Not sure when I'll be back. I'll ask you all to avoid being horribly injured until I return.

    See you all later.

  3. ...Thanks, Spencer. Sorry to have shoved that at you without knowing a way to pay you right off. If you're ever in the area, I'll be glad to find some way, though. Sorry.

  4. I don't see how a little... interference will hurt the group; however, //Fitzgerald//, be aware that the clock is ticking.

    After all, you wouldn't want to be trapped in there /with them/, would you~?

  5. Elaine, the only reason you were a part of it was because, well, look at our situation! If anything, we should be apologizing for dragging you into our crap-
    Just kidding. We knew exactly what we were getting into, and so did you. Stop apologizing.

    Doc, you better, as Elaine so eloquently stated to me, watch your ass. If you come back and something is wrong, I'll kill you.

    Lis, watch me hold you up to that.

    And, whatsyourface, Collector? Great, we've got another wannabe Redlight on our hands. If you're not going to let those kids go then for god's sake, let me do my job-



  6. Like you said. It's not a charity. I may be a lump, but I've got some standards, at least.

    ... Good luck.

  7. I'm glad some of you are getting some rest, it looks like you need it.

    Spencer and Doc, be careful? You seem like good sorts, and those seem to be in short supply these days.

  8. It's nothing. Just got back. Got to go to The Wing.
    Be back later, no, team, I'm fine.

  9. Tried to shoot Slender? Mi amore, I /did/ shoot Slender. Though that was secondary to shooting off my own hand, which didn't work as well as expected. I picked up some lovely formal gloves during my brief time in New York, though: I was getting some stares.

    Lucky I'm left handed.

    Spence, don't make me come in there after you. I really don't need a reason to satisfy my morbid curiosity. What's going on?