Sunday, 14 August 2011

-Sam- Surgery

Okay. I think I’ve finally calmed down enough to post. Damn voices still won’t shut up though. Anyway.

Some…weird stuff just happened.

Steele and Amanda sent me down to the damn basement to get some more tranquilizer for Todd. Apparently, he’s shifting between personalities like crazy and it’s hurting him or something. I made Amanda tell me exactly where the room with the dead coyote is so I could avoid it. I totally forgot to ask where the tranquilizer was.

The basement smelled horrible, of course. Kind of like a hospital but moldier. I felt my way down the stairs and turned on the lights. It was creepy and shadowy and I had no idea where to start looking for tranquilizer.

I’d only dug through one shelf before I heard a noise from behind the wall. Coughing and gagging, like somebody was about to be sick.

I opened the door to the next room and saw Spencer.

Okay. You remember that thing I said about Spencer, how I kind of freaked out when he took off his shirt? I guess it can’t hurt to tell you what that was about now. His chest was covered in scars. Really bad ones. Ones that looked like somebody had cut his chest open in a huge zigzag then stapled it back together.

Well, when I found him in the basement…it wasn’t stapled together anymore.

I don’t think he noticed me at first. He was on Doc’s operating table, the flaps of skin on his chest pinned open. I could see inside his chest and I’m not a medical expert but I’m pretty sure his internal organs weren’t supposed to have that many pulsing black veins all over them. His head was over the side of the table and he was throwing up.

He finally saw me standing there, frozen in place, too scared to run.

“Sam. You might wanna…go somewhere else for a while, ‘k? The boss is kinda busy.” He was breathing hard, obviously in pain.

I must have been way beyond freaking out at that point. Because I just asked, perfectly calm, “What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer right away. He had a scalpel and as I watched, he started cutting something out of his own chest, gasping in pain. He finally stopped and held something up. A weird, slimy black string.

“I’m cutting the bad out of me.”

The black thing in his hand was squirming. It was alive.

I’m not sure what happened after that. It was all kind of a blur of Spencer cutting more stuff out of his chest and starting to throw up again and me getting the fuck out of there. I didn’t stop blindly panicking until I was somewhere upstairs, huddled in a closet. My knee was bleeding for some reason and I think I might have hit my elbow somewhere along the way. And the voices. The voices are all back now and they’re saying some kind of weird things and I’m scared.


What was that?


  1. ... This is what we didn't want to tell you, Sam.

  2. "Villains!" █ █████████, "dissemble no more! █ ███████████████ — tear up the planks! — here, here! — it is the beating of his hideous heart!"

  3. ... This is fucking nuts. Absolutely insane. And Spence if you jurt yhourselfe I'll kill ou my self.

  4. Oh, so Spencer is that guy from that webcomic, and not a cyborg. Somewhat disappointing.
    Still, sounds horrifying to actually see.

  5. Holy shit. I don't curse often, but holy shit. A bit extreme isn't it?

  6. That cant be good...Are you sure you should be doing that yourself? I mean having it in you at all is bad but to be removing yourself cant be too good either.

  7. Well, hell.
    Need to poke Lis out of her funk to read this.
    She'll be interested.

    He's not Hanna.
    Though that's a kind of funny correlation.