Thursday, 8 September 2011

-Spencer- Team, maybe you haven't noticed by now

But I really am an idiot.
I make stupid friends.
I make stupid decisions.
And it doesn't get much worse than this.


Well, we've got another one.
In our basement.
Locked in a room. so there's only one lock between us and a psychotic insane jackass who's going through the withdrawal of his life.

... do y'think it's justified to duct tape him to a chair or something...?

And did I mention his name? Now that I think about it, that's kind of important.

...You know.
Maybe I should start from the best part?

Explosions. Had to set up a distraction because hell; it's never a good raid unless something is in danger of tearing off a limb and whipping it to Arkansas. But the attention is off us; a major plus. Down a hallway, creep creep creep, dear god my legs /hurt/ my coat must've weighed about fifty pounds /why did I need so much of my arsenal/


There was something before that; right, the car ride, Elaine sharpening her knives like an OCD crack addict, so jumpy that-


"You ready?"

Her voice had woken me out of my fog. Something was... don'tthinkaboutitdon'tthinkaboutit. "Like you have to ask." Down a hallway, creep creep creep, dear god my legs /hurt/ my coat must've weighed about fifty pounds /why did I need so much of my arsenal/

Pistols are in my hands. Guns. Okay. Look in that door no don't go that way. He's right in the middle. Is he expecting...? Has Elaine told him? No. Job. Always the job. Focus only on the job.

It gets blissfully blank from there.

"Alright. Winging a rescue mission. Should be fun."

"Winging? You act like I haven't given this an ounce of thought."

No. That came before the explosion.

So back to that door, we're not stupid enough to go barging in. Quietly around a corner

"Ominous hallways. That's all there is...? Will they kill us with anticipation?"

"It /is/ a large warehouse for, what, six people now?"

"Six people that should be aware we're here. Something is up."

"With any luck, only one of them knows and isn't about to sound the alarm."

... true that. And there was something before that; right, the car ride, Elaine sharpening her knives like an OCD crack addict, so jumpy that-

"So what do we do? Burst in, guns a blazin'?"

"... five against three? Easy. Lets do it."

Nobody ever said the idiots weren't well trained. But we had caught them by surprise, obviously. What we were doing was incredibly stupid. So stupid, actually, that nobody had expected us to go through with it.

Well who's the idiot now?

One vaults towards Elaine and another tries to get behind me while mooks flank my sides. Yeah, right. Cute. And now they've got perfect little holes in their heads to match the holes in their broken little hearts. That big one still lunges towards me and my leg shoots up and kicks him right in the torso, so hard that I can /feel/ his ribs crack; blood as a fine mist leaks out of his mouth and he /slams/ into a wall.

I smile. I grin.

"Here little kitty, I haven't /KILLED/ you yet...."

Samedi. That's the one Elaine is going toe to toe with and I couldn't care less.

"Oh there there, Darkhorse~! Are you afraid of littl ol' me? I'm just a helpless courier~!"

He tries to scamper backwards, but there's a wall there, there's a wall there there's a wall there and I crouch down to look at him and my palm slides over his face.

"Scream for me, little kitty. Give me a /SHOW/."


He screams. He gives into my command and it /echoes/ in the room, in the hallways in the void in the world.

Elaine ignores the scene to her right in favor of the man in front of her, taking down a random mook who tries to interrupt her work.

"Nonono, this is just between you and me, you sick fuck. I haven't forgotten what you did when you kidnapped me~ And now you get to pay." Another stab, the strike designed to maim, not kill.

He's to the clawing stage now. Trying to rip out his eyes, his hair, whatever he can get his hands on.

I laugh as he struggles
I laughed as he struggled

She lets out a /giggle/ at the sound of the scream and keeps slashing at Samedi, who is starting to seem thoroughly outclassed. Direct combat was never his strong suit, was it?

And he's a mess now. A wide eyed, trembling mess. Tears run down his cheeks and his lips shake but no sound comes out. My palm is still there, and my left hand raises with the pistol and I press the cold metal to his forehead, slowly, like a kiss-

my right hands moves back towards my side and-

he looks at me with his eyes clear before they move up to the gun and-

there was something before that; right, the car ride, Elaine sharpening her knives like an OCD crack addict


The feeling of the warm blood splattering into my face, splattering against the wall. The sound of the shot seems to wake Elaine up from whatever was going on in her head; her smile fades and she slashes Samedi's throat, letting him fall before moving back towards


"Come on, we need to get out of here."

Still grinning.

"I do believe I outrank you, m'dear. Shouldn't /I/ be the one giving orders...?"

"... Spence, snap out of it. Come on."

I feel my head shake, and the delightful fog leaves me breathless. Then it leaves me alone.

"R-r-right." I stutter. "How are we getting out...?"

I can't hide my sleeve going to my face, trying to wipe some of it away.

"How about the door? We have to move fast before the big shots get here."

I shirk off my coat, and I can hear the floor /crack/. nothing like a little overkill to get the job done.

"Then we better go /fucking/ quick."

There's barely a second before she has my hand in hers and we're gunning it through the hallways.

Was she holding his hand too...? At least they weren't looking before. i didn't want them to see my legs

They wouldn't stop shaking

I toss her the keys and I'm carrying him bridal style by this point, /diving/ into the back seat so quickly that my head /smashes/ into the opposite door.


And here we are.
My head is pounding, but I'm not hurt. Neither is Elaine. Neither is anyone else.


I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. But we're trying to do some /good/, I think.

For once.

And as for our house guest?




    As I said there, I strongly suggest you make sure that Kay isn't dead. Otherwise, you have a ticking time bomb on your hand.

    Just a friendly warning.

  2. ... I giggled? The fuck? That is very not good...

  3. Spencer, Elaine, not to judge, but that paints the both of you as more than a little fucking unhinged.
    About the coat, maybe you wanted to try to reenact the lobby scene from the matrix?

  4. twobirdsonawire


  5. MauriceMauriceMauriceMauriceMauriceMauriceMauriceMauriceMauriceMaurice
    focusfocusfocus you know he's not Him
    Fuck /days/ in The Wing alone with no sleep and now this

    Hey hey, Tall Man, keeping me company~?

  6. Nemo, yes, thank you, I'm aware that what happens when we're in that serious a fight it gets a little mad.

    Spencer. Cool your shit. I'm coming to find you. We need to talk.

  7. Maurice, You're a Regina Spektor fan?

    Ughh, anyways. You caught Morning Star? That's insane. In this case, I'd recommend the tying to a chair, unless that involves going down there and getting killed. Seriously watch yourselves, keep your knives under your pillows.

    Sheesh, I don't know. Just check on Kay. Now I'm really worried.

  8. Since you're probably the saner of the two of you Elaine; you're going to want to be the paranoid one.

  9. On it, Nemo, thank you. I've got it handled.

  10. Nahhh, genuine. Feeling a bit better now. <3

  11. Nah, really. We're both doing a lot better. Thanks for your concern.

  12. You seem like nice enough folks, for stalked anyways.

  13. Yes. You're a complete idiot. You're both complete idiots.

    You're also damn good people, so, don't let it bother you.

  14. Thank you, Konaa. And Nemo. Thank you.