Tuesday, 16 August 2011

-Grosvenor- Oh isn't this nifty

See? I can put my name before posts, too. Doesn't make you so special. Todd's computer is nice. Why don't I get one like this? This needly stuff feels really good. I should get some more of this.
Why did I do this? Oh yeah. I'm here to defy Spencer and his fucking whims. "DON'T PUT THIS ON THE BLOG, WE NEED TO KEEP THINGS LIKE THIS TO OURSELVES." I swear to god, the sound of his voice makes me want to put his fucking nuts to a cheese grater. So you know what I'll do? I'M GONNA PUT IT UP ON THE FUCKING BLOG. CAUSE I'M A GENIUS.

So it starts with the girly man, August, as you may know him, cooking everyone dinner. And I don't know whose idea it was, but apparently, it's not a good old fashioned dinner unless you bring the drugged up maniacs in on the fun (i.e. myself and the mad scientist, or Doc, as you may know her). So that made things interesting. I'm aware, but I'm not all there. It's like watching a movie. Couldn't really interact with anything anyone was doing.

Spencer had this fucking look on his face. A sort of calm that shouldn't have been there. If my face muscles would have functioned properly, I might have scowled at him. But Steele was doing enough emoting for the both of us, albeit a different expression, a sort of smirk as it were. And August was being a fucking sheep and giving him plenty of looks himself, only he didn't seem to notice. It was like a web of unrequited contempt.

So Spencer stands up. He says "Team, I have an announcement to make!" sounding like the fucking idiot he is.

"...wearin' ladies clothing under that?" I hear Doc say. "Not surprised..." I would have laughed had I gotten it at the time.

"Oh, you're telling us things now? How novel." says Steele, but not loud enough for Spencer to hear it. Good thing, too, who knows what sick method of punishment he would have carried out on him if he heard that?

'"Anyways, we're going to be having a house guest in a bit. No, it's not Elaine; I wouldn't warn you all about the girl that I will be shagging." The fact any woman would be even slightly attracted to this disgusting shell of what once was a man surprising.*

"Well, that explains a lot." from Steele.

Spencer goes on to explain that someone is coming to the house. I didn't quite catch the name, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a real name and it was something he had just made up. Idiot. He smiles. "I trust you all know him...?"

"You're bringing one of them into our fucking house? What, building an army are you?" says Steele.

"Sure, Comrade Leon! An uprising is what we need right now~!" says Spencer, probably thinking he's clever or something.

"Fuck. You. You are endangering ALL of us." reasons Steele.

"I'm giving him a choice. Just like I'd give all our other clients a choice. I don't discriminate, Steele." says Spencer.

"This isn't discrimination, this is self-preservation. How many innocents has that monster killed? Not that you'd care, hey: You and him are birds of a feather, aren't you?" Steele says.

"Oh yes, let's throw everything in plus the kitchen sink. you seem to forget, Steele, that I AM YOUR BOSS. And you will DO AS I SAY, or you will QUIT AND LEAVE AND DIE." from Spencer, fucking tyrant. De stands up, and the grimace on his face falters. Only slightly, but I can tell. He didn't want them to see it.

From Steele, "And now the dictator comes out, just as I thought. You might be our boss, but you don't own us. We're human beings, we can question your divine will, and so help me when you hide so much shit from us, I will question you as much as I goddamn please. And I question your proposition that if I leave, I will die. And I question that you have our best interests at heart." Steele clenches his fists; his right hand simply loosely tightening.

I like this guy. I may have smiled at this point in time. If I was able.

Spencer; "Dictation is one thing. Lack of trust is another." What a fucking joke.

Steele stands; "True. Looks like we've got both going on in this here room, though. If I'm Comrade Leon, then you're Comrade Joseph."

Spencer's up, and a huge CRACK echoes across the room, but Steele barely flinches. He just holds onto his face, hardly any expression at all. Fucking champion. Spence screams "You. Outside. NOW." (Oh man, single word sentences. SO COOL.)

Steele gets real close to him for a second. Noses almost touching. "I'm right here, mate." He says. Right then and there, he brings his fucking head down, and just drives into the rim of that fucker's nose. I might of laughed.

Spencer just stands there. "Not here. I won't ruin August's meal." (Uh, sorry, but it kinda ruined itself.)

Steele catches on.Turns to the girly man, "Thank you, August m'dear, the food was lovely." He says, before walking out the main entrance, throwing his gloves to the ground as he leaves. Fucking gentleman. Spencer follows.

I hear Steele say "Come at me bro."
I hear three hits.
I hear Steel say "What the fuck are you?"
I hear Spencer yell "HIT ME! HIT ME, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" I almost did, just cause of how much he was pissing me off. And I was fucking drugged.
Steele says "You're not human...maybe you never were, I don't know."
Spencer growls "Prove it. Prove that it makes you better!!!"

"It doesn't make you better. It makes you human. And if you don't see why that is preferrable, you're further gone than I expected." Spoken like a fucking genius.

"You think I WANTED this?!?" Spoken like a fucking idiot.

"No, Spence, I don't think you wanted this." not quite yelling, but getting there. "But I think that is how things are, and I'm fucking terrified. For myself, for the team, for you." (Don't feel sympathy for him, he deserves it.)

"And you want to know. You act so high and mighty, so here, IF YOU WANT ANSWERS SO GODDAMN MUCH-" Another hit. "Then I'm going to give you some."

I can hear Steele whimpering. Disappointing.

From... Doc, I think? "Wha...what are you...Boss...what..."

Sam "Spencer? What are you doing?"

Door slam.

"Uh...what just happened?"

Fucked if I know. Yeah, just leave me in the kitchen for a fight scene. Thanks a whole fucking lot. NExt time... Oh hey, it's August, with more of that needly stuff. Hold, on, let me see if my impression of Todd is getting any better.


*Elaine, I'm sure you are a nice lady, but you could do better. Honestly.


  1. ...Spencer. You're an idiot. A leader does not treat his team like that.

  2. ... Oh, Spence...
    I guess, thanks for that. I'm hoping whatever just happened resolved the Steele situation. Somehow I get the feeling Spence and August would be mad if I beat him up, which is what I've been sorely tempted to do...

    Gros, thank you for the compliment, I think, but really, I'm quite happy with Spence, thank you.

  3. Spencer, Steele, et al.

    Malheur à qui est seul, mes amis, et il faut croire que l’isolement a vite fait de détruire la raison.
    It is a great misfortune to be alone, my friends; and it must be believed that solitude can quickly destroy reason.

  4. Todd dont post while your'e drugged, goto sleep

  5. Grosvenor. Norman French for "Great Hunter" or "Fat Hunter". In standard french, Grand Veneur.

    Which is it, I wonder.

  6. If this was anyone other than Spencer, I'd bet that you'd all think about this differently, maybe even try and distance yourselves from it. You'd all understand that you're putting yourselves in more danger than is necessary.

    However, I understand how Family can overcome that. No matter how stupid that-

    No... You know what? The logic's there as long as survival is your utmost priority. But do whatever the hell you want.

  7. Are we just going to trust that this is an accurate and unbiased record of an entire conversation during which Fat Hunter admits he was drugged?

  8. Honestly, Grov, what bias! Does it really bother you THAT much that you're no longer the dominant-
    Of /course/ it bothers you! After all, Todd isn't screaming /your/ name anymore, is he~?

    Enticing aside, Steele's fine. Well, at least physically.

    I showed him The Wing.

    I expect that'll answer some questions he /didn't/ want answered.

    Regardless. He asked, so I rose the the challenge.

  9. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

  10. Holland Novak, I now imagine Spencer to look exactly like Holland Novak.

    Similar attitudes toward people under their care, too.

  11. Heh, no, he's much better looking~

    Just had to throw my two cents in there...