Monday, 24 October 2011

-Todd- All Looped Up

Loop Happens.
Todd is the only one not seriously injured. Except for my hearing. That was shot, but then again, so was Sam's and Amanda's. It's mostly fine now.

How'd it all go down?

Ego infans intus

We'd gotten split up. I got a call on the radio, and a voice calling himself Mama Bear. [i thought that was funny]. I fucking hate codenames. But the odd thing was, not only could I hear it from the radio, I could hear it in the distance, but from no specific direction. I didn't think, I just yelled for August. August started yelling at me over the radio about how I shouldn't yell, cause after all, there were guards.

Stupid, stupid, Stupid.

filium Quintus

It wasn't until he asked me where I was when I realized I was in the middle of a fucking life sized aquarium. Complete with little blue rocks and everything. I found my way out of there and met up with Sam. Poor kid. Already scared out of her mind, and the first person she meets up with is, well, the guy who's one third serial killer and one third not potty trained [i resent that].

We agreed to try and find a way out. And then we were ambushed by Amanda.

Nunc autem nihil sum

It's funny, cause she didn't even bother to go after Sam. No offense, Sam, but that means your instinctively harmless.

But she eventually realized It was us, and we teamed up to get out. She had the delivery, which, at the time, looked like a cake. But I knew, from debriefings, it was a bomb.

We made our way to this giant Skull Fortress. (A sight I should have been more freaked out by, but... eh.) We went inside and planted the bomb, but as we were leaving, we were interrupted by the loudest sirens in existence, and approximately eleven fuckbillion mooks.

meum in aeternum abditum

Amanda never left Sam's side, and I was on my own. We fought for as long as we could right until the explosion that left me deaf and caused the sky to start cracking. Or, maybe the bomb didn't cause it, and it was really a visual symbolic interpretation for the cracking of the collective sanity of the group known as The Couriers. Or maybe it was some messed up Loop physics which are useless to try and explain. I don't know. I was more focused on getting out of there.

We ran back. Well, it was more like a sprint. Well, it was more like... some kind of Loop physics that aren't worth explaining. All I know is that all motion halted as a giant piece of... something fell on Amanda. There was no time to think. My thought process was most likely something along the lines of "Move big thing, move Amanda." and at no point did the words "Make sure her legs aren't flipping all about, thus causing her more pain." or even "Make sure Sam isn't dying."

We made it back to the van, me carrying Amanda and Sam tagging behind. Doc was treating her almost immediately, I was trying my best to stay out of the way.

My fingers hurt. Other than that, I'm an idiot.

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