Friday, 7 October 2011

-Fresh off the desk of Spencer Fitzgerald- Report: Cases 3078Q, 1A, B, C

ID 068739028

Date: October 7th, 2011
Time started: 04: 21 am
First contact: 04: 27 am
Time completed: 04: 53 am

1A, 21, male, was stalked and threatened. Will now report to superiors as ordered. Also now missing three fingers and most of an ear.

1A was also successfully put onto additional targets and is quite eager to serve, or I assume so. Between the hysterical crying, it didn't seem like 1A would be disobeying orders again.

Suggested actions: Continued monitoring and regular check-ins; hospitalization unessential as a sterile cutting tool was used; 1A has additionally proved to be proficient in basic first aid. Sustained no injuries from the attack; combat reaction time was quite poor. Noticed the stalking but didn't bolt or fight back effectively; started to cry as the second finger was severed.

Additional notes: Overall below average performance. Consider re-education if failures continue.

Date: October 7th, 2011
Time started: 07: 19 am
First contact: 12:31 pm
Time completed: 2:48 pm

Case 1B was a group; three Runners of similar age and circumstance and one Proxy. The Runner's tendencies to point out Proxy murders in the area to the local media was judged a liability.

Contact occurred after hours of stalking; at approximately 10:52 am they noticed the discrepancies and eventually decided to abscond to an obscure area.

1B//a, 23, male. Initially engaged in combat and was relieved of his left arm. Proceeded to attempt to shoot. Right hand traumatically severed to neutralize threat, unconsciousness followed. Succumbed to bloodloss following the removal of all his limbs.

1B//b; 21, female, presumably related to 1B//a. Non-fatally stabbed in the kidney; eventually sustained injuries to diaphragm, spine, skull, left lung, and right eye.

1B//c, 19, male. Aggressive. Immediately sustained a gunshot wound to the head and was killed instantly; bullet and casing retrieved.

The remaining two were interrogated until they offered up the name of the proxy informing them of where to find evidence of the murders. Teeth removed, bodies burned.

1B//d has been re-captured and secured.

Suggested actions: Disciplinary action for 1B//d is highly recommended; though getting rid of the liability would seem to be the easiest action, 1B//d is highly talented and fought valiantly for (supposed) freedom. Remedial re-education will be most effective, as 1B//d seems to have a complicated moral value system. This should be eradicated as soon as possible.

Additional notes: 1B//d had an overall average performance with above average fighting skills. Request to have division changed from Tracker to Hunter submitted.

Date: October 7th, 2011
Time started: 4:08 pm
First contact: 8:05 pm
Time completed: 8:05 pm

1C, 22, male, had been marked for disciplinary action after repetitive failures and seeming inability to choose a title.

1C was informed of my impending arrival, but did not seem to understand the need to respect authority, as demonstrated by previous attempts at contact (see Cases 2045K, 3104L, and 1638G). After continuing to follow his mark, 1C was instantly disposed of; suffering severe compromisation of Solar Plexus, brain stem, and Xiphoid process.

Mark returned to her place of residence.

Suggested actions: 1C was seemingly guilty of several murders in the area; ergo, the body has been left for the local authorities. Marks are low priority; re-assignment is not immediately necessary.

Additional notes: Documentation of 1C's activity can be found here. Disappointing, below average performance. It should be noted that 1C was partially under Writer's jurisdiction.


  1. I am looking to Write a message to a particular man of this earth, wise beyond his years. See about getting this message to him, will you?


  2. Ah, your 1C, given name Jules, I believe. A disappointment, really. He was impulsive, insubordinate, inept, and impatient.... Oh, alliteration. Hm. I do so apologize for that waste of your time.