Thursday, 13 October 2011

My dear, your final assignment...

Is something you should be very, very familiar with.

A delivery to an... old friend of ours.

Check your email, Fitzgerald. The instructions will be in the drafts.

And as for the rest of you? Miei tesori, you really disappoint me~ It's almost charming how quickly you all jump to the conclusion that, just because I decide to speak without my usual pomp and vivacity and throw in a few nonsensical jumbles of letters and numbers that I must - I simply must! - be filing an actual report for some shady, iniquitous Proxy organization working right by Father's side.

It's almost charming.


More pathetic, really~

Did you really think I would be so stupid? Actually, you seem to believe that quite readily~ I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, I wonder if it's because it makes you feel better? If detracted from the image of this strange figure -a glimpse into Spencer's past; Spencer who, may I remind you all, is nothing more than a friendly Proxy? One among my ranks? One of which I had the great honour of working with for four years?

He hasn't gone away, ladies and gentlemen~ He's just... tamed. Consider his illness a shock collar, of sorts. Spencer Fitzgerald is free to do as he pleases, but the moment he does something that upsets Father? Bzzzt! Right to the heart~

But I digress. There's plenty of time to speak ill of the man currently barricaded inside his office, curled up on the floor like a mutt who's scratched up the couch with his too-long, too-sharp claws while his owner was away.

As for my report? Mr. Fitzgerald certainly left some things out of his own write-up, (assuming, of course, you believe he's the one who wrote it~ But I suppose you'll only find out by asking him, hmm?) though perhaps I may have exaggerated slightly. Though I do swear to you, Father as my witness, that the documented events did, in fact, occur. There was a second victim during Forger's interrogation, and he certainly did a number on 3078Q-B//a-d, though their state upon Teller's arrival was... disadvantageous for all parties involved.

The rest is perhaps pure speculation. I leave you, faithful bloggers, to see through the lies both Spencer and I weave and, if you're lucky, figure out for yourselves what is truly going on in the House, because it certainly isn't good. And if it keeps up? It certainly won't last~!

Six months, Fitzgerald. That's all you'll get.


P.S. Be sure to bring your team along. This'll be a toughie~!

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