Tuesday, 11 October 2011

-Doc- Up and At 'Em

There are a startling number of people in this world who look at the suffering of their fellow man and choose not to give a fuck and a half about it. I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t take on this philosophy for myself, because giving even just a single fuck has been the number one cause of my pain lately. In fact, I’d say it’s been the only cause of my pain lately.

I went to talk to Boss…god, I don’t even know how many days ago now. Three? Four? When I had just awoken from my coma and was in the first stages of recovery, I said some things to him I really shouldn’t have. I’ve ruminated over them for a few weeks, and decided that I really did owe him an apology. I went to his office in the East Wing to do just that, but I was given a rather odd reward for my compassion. Boss started spouting off all sorts of things about his true nature, about what a fool he thought I was. I’ll be the first in the group to die, he says. I tried to talk him down; he said he was going out to do some “odd jobs.” Fucked if I remember details.

Did I mention that he was in his Teller state of mind at the time? Oh, I should have, because the minute I realized there was no convincing him and agreed to stand down to let him leave the office, he grabbed me from behind and injected some sort of tranquilizer into my jugular vein. I’m still not entirely sure what he gave me, but all I remember after that was being dragged into the living room before I passed out.

Next thing I knew, Steele and August were standing above me, tucking me into my own bed. I tried to mumble out what happened to me. I think they understood, but August immediately shushed me and told me it wasn’t time to wake up yet. I must have agreed with him, because I immediately fell back asleep. I’ve recovered to the point of being functional, of course, but whatever Teller injected me with did not agree with the morphine I was already on. And thus, my recovery receives yet another setback. I’m a bit upset that I’ve had to deal with the pain in my arm au naturelle since; frankly, I’m quite lucky to be alive. Teller is a clever fucker indeed, but a doctor (even a fake one) he is not; I’m not sure if he completely understood just how terrible wantonly mixing drugs could be. August has been helping me detox myself a bit, so I know for certain I’m going to live. I’ve been feeling very sluggish and groggy, but today, I woke up feeling much better. I think I’ll go out on a walk; the fresh air would do me some good.

As for the Boss, last I heard, he locked himself in his office. Like hell if I'm even going near him again soon, so he can sit in there and not give me a fucking overdose.

Stay safe, everyone.

(PS: Steele, if you’re nice to the Boss, he might give you that shiny new copy of Catch-22 he bought for you.)


  1. I'm glad to hear you're well enough to post again, Doc. Especially considering everything that's happened. I'm sorry we've been working you so hard lately. You deserve a break more than anybody else right now. Give me a shout if you need anything, alright?

    And as for Spencer... is he really still in there?

  2. I don't know, August, and I'm not going near him to find out. I don't need anything right now, but if you want to hang out and talk, I'm fine with that.

    I also just realized that it's past midnight, so the walk kinda isn't happening. My internal clock is so screwed up right now. I wonder why.

  3. Everything's been so screwed up lately. As for your internal clock? I'm guessing it's all the time you spend downstairs, not to mention... well. You know how the House is.

    I think I need to go see the boss first, Doc. Somebody's gotta make sure there's still some boss left in him.

    I'll come and see you after.

  4. Fuck. I'm so sorry. I should've warned you, I talked to him before, I think...

    I hope you're alright, and I hope /he's/ alright. Any news?

  5. When you do, give him a punch for me. I'll leave where up to you.

  6. This 'Boss' guy seems like a cheery fellow.

  7. If you'll take my advice, "Doc", you leave.

    Get out, immediately. Run and do not look back. Leave them to their fate, your "family" clearly hold no good will toward you, if they had they'd have run the moment they found you and taken you with them.

    Why are you trusting these, psychotic, murderous fools with your life, when you clearly are under threat of them taking it away from you?

  8. The fuck do you know, Anon? Probably an asshole proxy trying to separate you lot or something.
    Go to hell, asshole.

  9. You're clearly not of sound mind, if I let you bait me with such a badly thought out post, Elaine, I'd be no better than you.

    Spencer swore he'd protect these people. Now it turns out he's a proxy, and furthermore it seems as though this "Teller" has plans to kill Doc at some future point, putting Doc's life in danger anyway with a potentially dangerous mix of chemicals. Spencer is no longer in control, which means these poor bastards are no longer protected, and since Spencer's automatic reaction seems to be to lock himself away and crawl inside a bottle of whiskey, it's pretty safe to say they're all fucked sideways.

    Hell, when he crawls back out again, who's to say it's Spencer or Teller, and even if it is Spencer what's to say he doesn't turn off and let Teller take over and snap all their pretty necks whilst they're asleep?

    In summation: They're living with a confirmed proxy, one that has expressed a threat of death, and backed it up with a physical attack, and unwilling drugging.

    I'm not worried about a proxy trying to get these guys to split up, I'm terrified about the consequences of a proxy convincing them to stick together.

  10. P.S. I couldn't resist. Go fuck youself, you bitch.


  11. ^That last post wasn't me.

  12. Suddenly I'm seeing the benefits of owning a blogger account.

    No chance of anyone playing silly buggers.

    ... Make that less of a chance, going by some of these blogs.

  13. You know what, you're right. My response was badly thought out.
    But I think I know what's going on a liiitle better than you do, and I'm more concerned about them not doing something stupid because of some asshole.
    Just bugger off since you don't know the full story, please.

  14. Should I be understanding something I've failed to so far?

    If not, when should I come back?

    Can I post in the comments again, or am I not allowed to express my worries for people I feel I've grown quite attached to and further?

  15. ... Just perhaps don't try to agitate people who are already having issues into making rash decisions because panic? No intelligent decision ever comes of someone in a panic.

  16. You have chided me for not knowing the full story, it is because I do not understand the entirety of the situation that you have seen fit to ridicule my concerns, implying them to be irrational and baseless, and yet without explaining why they are irrational and baseless, holding the knowledge out of my reach, ignoring my request to help clear my misconceptions.

    At a guess you have interpreted my actions as hostile, which would explain the irrational, and oppressive responses. Allow me to reassure you that, as I think you have gathered, I mean no disrespect, it takes a great deal of courage and hard work to survive hauntings in this day and age. That, however, does not give you the right to talk down to anyone who is in the dark.

    Yeah, I'm done and I'm gone, buggering off, ma'am.

  17. Seems you all have a lot of things to sort out. Good luck with all of that.

    Also, just noticed all the tags at the bottom of your page. All I can say is, daaaaamn.

  18. Anon, if they wanted every random fucktard on the internet to know what was going on, they would have said. It's not my place to go against that.
    If you're enough of a self entitled brat to think you somehow deserve all the information simply because you have some vague concern-get over yourself. It's /dangerous/ to give information to people these days.

    Yeah, I'm reading you as hostile because that's how you're acting. That, and passive aggressive.

  19. Thank you, that's all I needed to hear to convince me of you not being worth anyone's time. In sort, you're talking shit.

    Other than be being passive agressive, I'll admit to indulging in that on occasion. And I don't think I deserve anything, you imposed the problem on me, I was capeable of waiting to see the outcome on my own, but the moment I voiced my concers, my... opinion you jump in and tell me off for not knowing something I'm incapeable of knowing. Maybe I'm acting hostile, but I'm certainly not alone in that regard.

  20. Apologies for the bad spellings, I'd just woken up.