Monday, 10 October 2011

Report: Case 4502B - On 068739028's Brief Re-employment

It pleases me to report that 068739028 has been successfully integrated back into the organization's network. While he was only brought back into service for three brief assignments, it should be noted that 068739028 fulfilled them to the point of near perfection. 068739028 has lost neither his skill nor his inherent enjoyment of the task at hand, (see 068739028's own report of Cases 3078Q: 1A, 1B, 1C) even in the three years, eight months and eight days since he left our organization.

068739028 was dispatched on the 7th of October, 2011 at roughly 04:20 I observed him exiting his home, carrying two handguns and an assortment of knives. (Upon watching him in combat, I can safely say 068739028 was carrying two bowie knives, one combat knife, a stiletto and a butcher's knife I imagine he had lifted from the kitchen before leaving.)


By use of the Path, 068739028 arrived at his first assignment in south-western Wisconsin at exactly 04:27. The interrogation lasted 26 minutes. The subject of interrogation was identified as 1A, though he is known more commonly as 'Forger.' Forger was employed under 110044327 and was noted to be a delinquent; disrespecting his superiors, ignoring orders, and backtalking his squad leader and his Handler. 068739028's assignment was to instil loyalty back into 3078Q-1A by any means necessary.

068739028 approached 3078Q-1A behind a bar, wherein we can only hope that 3078Q-1A was looking to gather more people to be brought under Father's influence and not satisfy his frustrated libido. Sadly, judging by the woman  3078Q-1A seemed to be so eagerly undressing we can only assume the latter. Thankfully by the time 068739028 had made himself known, the woman quickly dressed herself and made off in a hurry; the sight of Teller's many knives quickly and efficiently ruining the mood.

3078Q-1A is understandably shocked and terrified upon the sight of 068739028. While 068739028's demeanour was airy and casual as he pulled his first blade, it would quickly dissolved into a cold, emotionless blank as 068739028 cornered Forger and began to slowly remove his fingers.

The pinky on the left hand would be the first to go, 068739028 calmly explaining that he represented 110044327 and that 3078Q-1A was being targeted for his overall sub-par performance and refusal to follow orders.

He begins to shout, loudly, as 068739028 begins to cut around the bone of his finger.

068739028 quickly presses his hand into 3078Q-1A's mouth, muffling his screaming. He sneers into the the subject's ear that, if he does not stop drawing attention to themselves, he will cut out his tongue. 3078Q-1A looks at 068739028 with wide, tear-filled eyes and is silent for the time being.

068739028 goes on, nothing but pure bliss in his tone, what employment under 110044327 is like, and how 3078Q-1A was being outed for not being the favourite. This being false, of course; while 110044327 does look kindly towards some of those employed under him, he does not possess 'favourites.' 3078Q-1A was difficult to work with, denied any wrongdoings, and would not cooperate with the rest of 110044327's squad.

068739028 now begins to cut off a second finger, (the middle) speaking about how  3078Q-1A had, foolishly, not achieved a sense of purpose yet and how Jean Paul Sartre, an existentialist, would be ashamed.

It is at this point 3078Q-1A begins to cry.

3078Q-1A is asked to repeat what has just been spoken. He only sobs. 068739028 retaliates by severing 3078Q-1A's right ear.

3078Q-1A is incoherent through his tears.


The final finger 068739028 removes is the index finger on 3078Q-1A's right hand. This process is considerably slower than the other two, and takes between five and seven minutes. 3078Q-1A has grown silent, and only whimpers softly.

068739028 places a manila envelope beside 3078Q-1A at 04:53.

As he turns to leave, he spots 3078Q-1A's woman of fancy hiding behind a nearby dumpster, phone in hand. Calling the authorities no doubt, and judging by the sirens in the distance he does not have much time. 068739028 takes the most logical course of action. He pulls the phone from the woman's hand, crushes it beneath his feet, and quickly and easily slits her throat. The woman gurgles and the blood soaks her blouse before she collapses.

Upon further investigation, the woman is a 35-year-old real estate agent by the name Martha Banks. Divorced. One child, age 6, under custody of the father. All in all a rather worthless excuse of a human being. Will be mourned by co-workers and nobody else. Impact on society: practically null.

3078Q-1B//a, b, c, d

068739028 finds 3078Q-1B//a, b, c, and d in a forested area just outside of Baltimore. He arrived to find 1B//a, b, c and d at 12:31, and offered them what 068739028 considered a fair trade: the information he had been ordered to find, and the chance for them to end their lives by their own hands.

1B//a retaliates by lunging at 068739028. 068739028 draws the butcher's blade and, before 1B//a can even realize what's happen, his arm is lopped clean off. Retaliates by drawing gun. Loses his hand as a result.

1B//b moves slightly, perhaps to catch to 1B//a. 068739028 plunges his stiletto into her kidney. The blade is not removed until death.

1B//c flies into a rage at the death of his companions, and lunges for 068739028. Instantly shot in the head. 068739028's glasses are now splattered in blood.

Below him, 1B//b is whimpering slightly. With a low chuckle, he places his foot on the hilt of the blade and applies pressure. 1B//b squirms, crying out and attempts to crawl away. 1B//a groans a short distance away, catching 068739028's attention.

068739028 is laughing at this point, asking again for the information he requires. Is spit at by 1B//a. As punishment, 068739028 begins to saw through 1B//a's right leg with one of his two combat knives, above the thigh. 1B//a screams, only pulling more laughter from 068739028. By the time the leg is successfully removed, 1B//a has lost consciousness.

1B//b is curled in the fetal position a distance away. 68739028 proceeds to kick in the chest, damaging lung and diaphragm. From this point on, she wheezes and rattles whenever she breaths. Spine is also damaged; it is unclear whether she can move or not.

1B//a regains conciousness and starts to taunt 068739028. The focus is 068739028's being a tool for "whatever Boss you have." Remaining forearm is removed. 068739028 again asks for the information, and is told to "go to hell." 1B//a begins to laugh maniacally, continuing to taunt 068739028 even as he removes the remainder of his arm.

It's at this point 1B//b is broken. She begins to sob and gives 068739028 the information he needs before begging to be left alone. Through this, 1B//a's laughter seems to annoy 068739028, and after the information has been given to 068739028, he causes severe head trauma. 068739028 does not stop stomping until 1B//a has quieted down, taking short, shallow breaths.

068739028 removes their teeth, soaks both 1B//a and 1B//b in gasoline, and sets the bodies ablaze.

1B//d has long since run away. It does not take long for 068739028 to trap 1B//d, though 1B//d nearly manages to stab 068739028 in the process.

068739028 does not take kindly to this.

068739028 returns 1B//d as 'damaged goods.'


1C was found hunting his mark. 068739028 had received orders to kill 3078Q-1C instantly, as he had been judged a liability and unnecessary; weak. He was killed quickly and efficiently through strikes to the Solar Plexus, brain stem, and Xiphoid process.

Curiously enough, 068739028 stayed and watched 1C gurgle until he died. 068739028 is grinning at this point, but seems to take the time to calm 1C's mark before returning her to her place of residence.

Overall, 068739028's performance was nothing short of what we had come to expect of him: pure perfection. He handled his assignments quickly and efficiently, and while he was perhaps a little more sadistic than strictly necessary, 068739028 exceeded our standards and excelled in both reconnaissance and combat.

I will continue to push for 068739028's re-employment, as well as suggest further investigation into 068739028's current residence and his so-called business. Emphasis should be put on the supposed 'couriers' - Runners under 068739028's employment. It would be wise to hire more Trackers onto the investigation team and watch the movements of these men and women, as more information is needed before we are to make any sort of move.

As requested, I will monitor 068739028 and my own team. Assignments will be handled with the utmost efficiency  and any drop in quality or speed shall be dealt with harshly. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a reliable team, and 068739028's re-employment will not bring this reputation into question.

Further reports to come,


  1. Only doing my job, darling.

    If you take issue with the contents of my report, I suggest you take it up with your dearest Spencer, not myself. It was a chronicle of his actions, after all~!

  2. He wasn't exactly himself at the time, don't make the others think otherwise.
    You're only posting this here because you know it will hurt him when he wakes up and sees it.

  3. You're a real piece of work aren't you?

    Posting this just to torment people. It's sick.

  4. yes, give us information, strengthen us. I can't see this backfiring for you at ALL. You're a genius and not a colossal moron.

  5. Lainey darling, you say it like it wasn't already obvious~

    As for mon petit lapin, I ask you to refer to the above.

    Konaa, your sarcasm is adorable! <3 Bravado does wonders for your image~ It's just a shame it's so easily seen through.

  6. Whether it's empty bravado or not doesn't mean a shit.

    A charging bull is still a charging bull, whatever its motivations.

    And frankly? I've been psychologically attacked by a professional. You? Just kind of irk me.

  7. Konaa, Konaa, Konaa... I suppose we have an understanding~ For I don't care much about you, either.

  8. This is not what I needed to wake up and read.

  9. That awkward moment when the only competent member of your little Proxy organization is back Home, safe, sound, and (for Spencer, anyway) really rather normal.

  10. Meanwhile, at a Slenderproxy board meeting....

    "So guys, I've got this great idea. This is going to sound crazy, but hear me out: we'll take those status report things we write, detailing some of our current activities as well as alluding to our future plans, AND THEM POST THEM ONLINE TO THE PUBLIC! Genius, right? They'll never see it coming! .... Why are you looking at me like that, guys?"

    And that was how Writer became the janitor.

  11. And a very happy thanksgiving to you too, murderous bastards. Not exactly the sort of thing one likes to find in one's feed in the morning.