Sunday, 16 October 2011

-Doc- Back Into the Loop

We’ve camped out for the night. Or, what we assume is night, because our watches won’t work here and the sky is blank and bright, like someone took a giant eraser to it and all that was left was a shining white void. Shadows are nonexistent in most places, though we’ve found a dense canopy of trees that blots out the light so we can get some sleep. No wind, and there’s something oddly peaceful about this place despite the giant skull fortress that looms in the distance. I wish I were making that up, but I’m not; it looks like Dr. Wily set up shop on a mountainside.

And apparently, he needs a delivery. Why are we giving him one? What the fuck is wrong with us? At least we’re not delivering a horribly named death robot to him, I think that would be a bit tough to carry.

At any rate, we’re all fine (for now), and our rocket stick is somehow giving us a connection at points. I'd imagine as we get further in, it'll eventually stop working. But hey, I don’t know how the fuck technology works. I just use it.

I should get some rest; we have a long walk ahead of us. We’ll keep in contact as much as we can. In the meantime, stay safe.


  1. Fuck. Be careful, guys. Please. Be careful.

  2. Speak for yourself Doc.
    And... giant skull fortress? Watch out for someone who tries to pull your heart out through your chest. That seems just as likely.

  3. Be careful. Shame if you lot had something happen to you.