Sunday, 2 October 2011

-Spencer- Oh yeah, life goes on

Long after the thrill of livin' is gone~

(godammit Writer you realize that you have ruined those things for me forever now? Can't use them without seeing your ugly mug pop into my head. Have to go puke whenever that happens; yes, you repulse me that much)

I'd figure I'd just throw something up. Throw something up so I can pretend that everything is alright because my family is alright and I just don't give a shit about anything else-

Now now, Spencer, isn't that little tidbit for later?

... So Nemo and Opal were in the House. I say were because Opal took off in the dead of the fucking night and I might be able to keep Them out (at least if they don't have permission to enter) but I sure as hell can't keep people in; especially if they're godamn Runners. I taught her a little, would've taught her more if she had fucking STAYED, but it doesn't seem she's going to last very long anyways.

Oh yeah, life goes on~

Nemo is at least proving a wee bit more polite. Unstable, sure, but polite. Turns out that fate has a bit of a sick sense of humour. You start taunting someone in their comments and, before you know it, they're picking you up in a back alley in Montreal while you're trying to hold your body together. Then you cross a border with a unique mix of manipulation, blackmail, and balls of steel and end up at your nightmare of a House in record time.

... or is only my life like this? I'm guessing that's the case.

But it's been quiet. Sure, there's been shenanigans (including a rather interesting scene involving pancakes and what I'm going to call foreplay, which you can find right here, which August should post here and re-title "In which the Boss sees me in distress and walks away like a douchebag", which I feel is very accurate), but I've mostly kept to myself.

But that doesn't really matter, does it? Going to omit the best parts, like how you saw those proxies on your way to get Opal and how you couldn't just incapacitate them, how you couldn't just leave off, oh no, that wasn't an option. And what did you do, oh yes, what did you /do/? Block blind jab counter to left temple use elbow to knock off balance then move in for the kill. Break jaw traumatize solar plexus break cracked ribs hit to the diaphragm and then strangle. Rip the body apart with your bare hands while laughing, then turn on other two. Traumatize mentally and then rip off fingers, joint by joint. Then limbs then everything else.

Then show up to go get Opal. Wonder why she's terrified of you and only realize what happened later, when you get Home.

No wonder she left.

But then she came back. She came back last night. Carrying a body. She was burying a body and Nemo found her.

She... hit him with a shovel and we were in the House and heard a commotion and

"Nemo!" panic clouds August's features as he looks over the two. "Christ on a... what happened?" And Doc wanders in and Nemo says that he's... he's found Opal and then... she started trying to /strangle/ August and she kept talking about /snow/ and /cold/ and /roots/. We were going to tie her up and let her ride it out but she had /killed/ Aggy and was going to /kill/ August too-


"S - Spence!?!?"
"I don't like it!" she says. "I don't like it but why else? Why else would I have done it???"


Helpless. August was completely and utterly helpless.
Nemo grabs at the knife misses.


Doc is trying to pry Opal off him and I scamper backwards-


She sticks Opal with a syringe but it does seem to DO anything-


Nemo drags himself up and grabs for the knife and Doc lands on her injured arm /HARD/-


Opal is starting to tire but won't let go and Doc is still holding that syringe-


Someone is groaning in pain-


"Couldn't bury her..." Opal wails-


"...get away from crazy bitch..." That's Doc, kinda funny in-



Time's up.

"... why are you doing this...?"

"I like to watch you dance~"

There's hardly a blur. Hardly as sound as I walk forward, the /air/ around me changing, the atmosphere thickening. My eyes are blank. My expression is blank. I am blank. I am void. I am nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I rip Opal off of August and throw her to the ground. August; he's not interesting, not at the moment.

He curls up onto his side and coughs and coughs and coughs, choking out the words "Jesus... christ..."

Hahaha, where we're going, there's none of that.... None of that for a monster-

"If we all just die then it ends doesn't it? So it's alright then? It's okay that she's dead,"
she's not fighting anymore, she's just grasping for any kind of logic, anything that will make this alright; I've been there, grasping for straws.

It's disgusting.

"Why is there so much snow?"

The dull thumping sound that follows next is wet and sick. I /slam/ her head into the ground, laughing, once, twice. In the back of my head something tells me it's wrong, it's evil, but I'm just having too much damn fun to care.


Is that.... me?

"Kill me then," she gasps.

"You're not going to hurt anyone ever again. I'm going to make you pay for this."

August; speaking as if he's underwater; everything is muted aside from me and my "prize". "C - calm down Spence, will you? Befor -" cough cough. "-he..."

Spencer Fitzgerald can't take the phone right now, please leave a message after the tone-

Towards the Wing, now. I'm dragging her; I can feel my body moving but it's not me, I swear to god it's not /ME/

"I'm going to make you see what I see. I'm going to PROVE that you're nothing more than a little"





Thump. Up the stairs, though I doubt she feels it anymore.

"I never said I wasn't-"

"A cockroach that has no business hurting my family."

"I'm not anything..." she mutters. "...I'm nothing..."

The doors. Dizzy. I'm falling through air, falling through water, freefalling through I don't even know what. Everything seems to far away.

"Opal Jones, welcome to hell."

And the last thing I remember is the doors of the Wing slamming shut.

I come to and realize that Doc had been with me. I had been... crying. And Doc had been... Doc had seen me like this and...

Before this all started.

August and I got a call. Elaine is in the hospital. Hurt. Not critically. Jake's dead. Prosper's dead. Aggy's dead. Maduin's dead.


You're all going to leave me alone again.


  1. Woah. Spencer flipped his shit.


  2. I'll take her out of Vermont. She's not safe.
    Need time to think anyways.
    See you when I see you.

  3. Oh Spence, you exhibitionist you. That 'welcome to hell' line's a keeper, though.

    Opal...if seeing Spence whip it out has helped you with your little...shit flipping of your own, give me a shout. Spence has a bad habit of dragging people to his bedroom, by hook or by crook, so I've had much the same experience.

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  5. You know, Spencey, I know that feeling. Where suddenly everything happens and you can't stop it. I had that feeling with Lucas, I know you want to protect your family. But what you really need to do is take your head from your arse and look around you. You HAVE family. You're not alone.

    You're NEVER alone unless you choose to be alone.

    -Joel (Right now anyway)

  6. As soon as I got Nemo situated (he begged to be drugged, so I gave him...something nice to put him out for the night), I went to find you, Boss. You were just sitting in that chair in a dull stupor. I put a hand on your shoulder, you jumped up and started babbling all sorts of nonsense that I won't repeat publicly. You screamed at me and advanced, even as I flinched backwards. I was certain you were going to hit me. God, it felt like Marcus all over again. But then, you just...broke down. I held you as best as I could with my one good arm and you screamed more. You screamed until you hardly had a breath left in you, and when your eyes finally dulled and you went limp, I carried you to bed. It hurt my left arm like hell, but I couldn't just leave you on the floor. You were catatonic: at first, I was certain you had died. I'm very glad you didn't, but...

    You're scaring me, Boss.