Tuesday, 18 October 2011

-S�m- InsidÊ

Why is there an unsecured wireless network in this castle? Pretty stupid for a guy who öüí¯uwgûïO\ I bet he puts locks on his locks.

That’s pretty much as far as our luck went.

I’m trying to radio them,As soon as we were in the entrance hall, sirens started going off and then the �«$yØ.ÊË!████████████c2ab8929�úÞuúðy×Þwarms of them out of every door and hallway, and there were a lot of doors and hallways. There was a fight. and I’m also pretty sure judging by the amount of blood coming out of my nose.

We got split up in Á롺 º<*Ý°zÌ+wl ª. I don’t know if the others are alive or not 4² U' � 4 but all I get is static. If anybody’s reading this, I’m safe ████████████ and I’m also pretty sure some of them hit me,

for God’s sake ANSWER YOUR RADIO.

-S am


    FUck. Fuck, fuck fuck. Hang in there, all of you.

  2. Run run little mouse... heh, sounds like you guys are having fun.

  3. Out of all the stalked I've found through this stupid thing, I think you couriers are the most interesting. Some boiled down essence maybe, or perhaps something stronger would be needed to take you all down. To see what makes you tick. And then they don't breathe anymore.


  4. static, random symbols, no one answering. this can't be good at all. id say something like stay on your toes or be aware of your surroundings but that's basically like telling someone to breathe at this point.