Sunday, 11 September 2011

-Spencer- Team, you all really need to cool the hell down

After all, it's your Boss's job to promptly /freak the fuck out/ at any given opportunity, puke in the foyer, then shag his girlfriend.

And I /wish/ I was making this all up.

In between cleaning up my own puke and trying to figure out what to do next, August found me when I had my brainy specs on. Embarrassing, but something about him....

"Blog. Now."

And he swept off towards the garage, probably where Steele was brooding.

He looks older than he should.

So here's what's going to be happening. Not what I WANT to happen, but what's GOING to be HAPPENING because you all seem to forget who's paying you, keeping a roof over your head, and, more importantly, is keeping you lot alive.

First off on the Doc issue, I get it, I invaded the space in which she set up shop, but here's the thing; it's my House. So let's be honest here; I'm going to do what I damn well please. She didn't HAVE to take Steele's room; there's how many spares that we have from all the dead couriers? Twenty? Thirty? Superstition is not something that is a fair excuse.

So she made it clear that she'd rather not stay in one of the spares, so I sent her on a delivery. It may be a hard one but the pay is good and, really, she NEEDS to get out of the basement. Don't you all worry your pretty little heads; Doc is my oldest courier, and is more than capable of handling herself.

Steele, you're right. About everything. But we're past the "Spencer is mean and keeps secrets and is smelly and gets all the hot guys while I don't" (Don't deny it) stage of our relationship. I've been perfectly clear; I've made my point, and shown you what I have to do.

Don't test me.

And as for this whole Star situation...
How about a story, hm?

A long long time ago in a really shitty little town, there was a kid that asked too many questions in a group of fifty. They called this group "The Titles", and it was their job to become the bestest little sociopaths they could ever hope to be.

And of course, like every good narrative (or shitty one, depending on your preference), they were wheedled down one by one.

He wondered sometimes, y'know. Wondered about normal kid stuff, wondered why sometimes they were forced to /watch/.

I still haven't found any answers.

It got to a point that they were all old enough to be afraid, because that's when it starts, doesn't it...? Nothing matters when you're not afraid, when you don't look out of the corner of your eye because you really don't know better.

So he stared; the kid who asked too many questions. Stared at his own eyes for as long as he could, because he didn't want to forget. they could take everything else away, but they could never make him forget that look; the look of being afraid.

I hadn't seen him very often; maybe once or twice on the street, in photos, a few times in dreams- I never had contact, not like Elaine did. It only took one glance. That look. I'll never forget that look, because that kid was I. Was me. Was the author of this post.

That's why. Because I know what it's like to be lonely and afraid. I know what it's like to play a role, play a part, dance on strings because that's the only way to stay alive. I know, I know, I KNOW, we all know. We all know that look, because we see it in the mirror whenever we sit down and decide that a little vanity never hurt, every single one of us.

That's right.

I went in on this because Star is a scared kid. That's all. Not for shits and giggles or because Elaine wanted me to.

Everyone deserves a chance, right? And we give them that chance, no matter who they are.

That being said, Doc, I wish you the best; I guess if you can't sleep in a proper room, you'll have to sleep in a car.

... Stay safe, alright?

Anyways. Star's out of the basement, Elaine and Steele have sort of stopped with the "come at me bro" thing they had going on, and, well, otherwise...? Things seem to be going well. Too well. I can't help but wonder...


I can't help but wonder if He's up to something.

So it goes.


  1. ...You're still a dick.

    Stop being right. It annoys me.

    (tell Elaine I give her my best)

  2. Will do, kid. Keep safe as well, alright~?

  3. Stay on your toes.
    Paranoids are merely people in possession of more facts.

  4. This has nothing to do with the...curious relationship stage we've reached, Spence my dear. This has to do with you being a self-righteous fuck and prioritizing your 'scared little kids' over the people who care about you.

    The thing is, we agree entirely that Morningstar deserves a chance at life.

    We just differ over aspects of occupational health and safety.

    And, yes, honey, you do pay me.

    Doesn't mean I need to agree with you tramping off across the blogosphere, getting your rocks off by sticking your fingers into other people's pies.

    If you disagree with me having freedom of speech, I can hand in my two weeks notice.

  5. -fangirl moment over Steele-

    Ahem. I'm pretty sure Spence doesn't care who says what, but wasn't 'saving people' part of his whole schtick to begin with?

    I'm pretty sure if he stopped, as you put it, sticking his fingers in other people pies, he wouldn't be Spencer. He'd just be another creepy guy. At least the way he is, he gives a shit.

  6. So if he's not in the basement where is he? And what exactly are you guys going to do?

    (Feel free to roll your eyes if this is a dumb question. I'm the village idiot and this doesn't bother me.)

  7. Oh I get it.

    The "Stay Safe" in italics implies you care, but are hesitant to admit it.

  8. Even i think this is a dick move

    and i am one of those lost childrensometimes

  9. Steele, there's a reason I keep you around.
    As awesome as I am, I DO need people to keep me in line.
    In short, I'm being a jackass.
    Anything else, m'lovlies? <3

  10. Unapologetic, all the way, eh?

    You're a sweetheart, but really..

    What do I know? I'm just a shipper at heart.

  11. In that case, you ought to fire me right now, Spence: I'm clearly not doing my job very well.

  12. If they perceive dissension in our looks
    And that within ourselves we disagree,
    How will their grudging stomachs be provoked
    To wilful disobedience and rebel!

  13. Congratulations, Mr. Spencer, you're practicaly acting like me.

  14. Honestly people, Morningstar /had/ it's chance at life. Now though it's one of tall, dark and faceless's foot soldiers and we're in a war for survival.

  15. Hey.
    Yeah, you.
    Not Proxie.
    Get. THE. FUCK. OFF. MY. BLOG.

  16. The spelling's what happens when you make your account while you're concussed was commenting several places for days before I noticed now I'm stuck with the spelling error.

    As for the rest of my comments, just don't blame me when Star sticks a knife in one of your buddies because you thought it was safe to treat it like it's still a person instead of an extension of it's master's will.