Saturday, 10 September 2011

-Doc- Eviction Notice (Or Lack Thereof)

Most of the time, I try to choose my words carefully, but I don’t think any amount of waiting to “cool off” can allow me to voice my indignation in a kinder manner. Spencer, you’re the Boss and I love you to death, but you would never make it in the rental business. Evicting a faithful resident without advance notice so that you can house someone like Morningstar is poor form, and inexcusable. What the hell is wrong with you? Couldn’t you have found a better place for your new buddy to crash for the weekend?

Granted, I’m not usually one to turn down a patient, but this is ludicrous. You may have him under double locks, but consider this: if he breaks the lock on the first room, even if he doesn’t escape into the house to murder us all in our sleep, there will still be a raging madman loose in my home. I keep all of our medical supplies and records, as well as all of my belongings, in various parts of the basement. Your eagerness to toss him down there has made me think that you don’t understand why this is bad, so let me put it this way: imagine, for just a moment, that I decided to bring a rabid wolverine into the East Wing and tell you that you could not go back for a then-undetermined period of time while said rabid wolverine “detoxed.” You’d have no way of knowing if the wolverine was doing damage to your things: all you’d hear is its scratching, howling, and crying. For all you know, it’s peeing on your bed and ruining the carpets. Running its claws through the drapes, chewing on the furniture, doing unmentionable things to the horrors that lurk in that place. You would be understandably pissed, just as I am now. I slept in August’s room for part of last night, but the poor boy couldn’t sleep with me in there. I’m going to seek alternate housing until this all blows over.

I won't be far. Please don't look for me unless it's an emergency.


  1. Normally, I'd give you a hug.
    Take it up with the Landlord-Tenant Commission (or similar body)?

  2. Fuck, Doc, as I said, I'm sorry.

    But I mean, come on. He's getting clear of slendershit's influence but he's hardly a rabid wolverine...

  3. hes worse than one

    in his current state

  4. Aw, Doc. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not, really. Don't get yourself killed and the like, hugs and kisses. <3

  5. ....Spencer. If I didn't have bigger things to worry about I would be kicking your worthless ass this second.

    You don't TREAT YOUR TEAM LIKE THAT. You'll answer to me after the snake is dead. Fucking count on it.

  6. .... I don't?
    Because last I checked, we're all not dead or worse.
    But you're free to do whatever you like, kid. Let's make something clear, though...?

    You have bigger fish to fry than socially-clueless assholes who do a heck of a lot of good. <3

  7. From what I've seen, I think Konaa just really enjoys threatening people in comments.

  8. What can I say, I am a man of passion.

  9. I dont think

    this is acceptable either

    they all deserve better

  10. Wow. I'm sorry. That's really rude. I hope your stuff is alright.