Tuesday, 20 September 2011

-Doc- Murphy's Law

Oh for fuck's sake, I just had the worst delivery in the history of my career, and now some jackass is trying to kill the Boss?

Listen, Oscar Wilde, I don't know what you did to him, but you can take your "ultimatum" and shove it into your ass. Deep into your ass. Even if it's something I cannot fix, I'm sure that Spencer would rather die than owe a favor to a murderous twat like you. HOwever, just to spite you, I am going to fix it. Watch me. Watch me work, you mgiht learn something. You might learn how to fix someone isntead of just break theam.

Haven't slept yet, can'mt slee pyet. Head's in a fog, I need more pills. Sorry, I can't make a longer post, but I' m sure you udnerstand, readers. I'm sure you all understand beause you read this blog and you know how shitty all our lives are and your lives are probably shitty too but I have to go now because of reasons sI'm sure you can relate to and understand.

I'll be home soon. My arm hurts. My head hurts. Pills are making me shiver, but at least I'm awake. I'm completely awake.


  1. Careful Doc. Can't have you falling over too.
    Finagle is just as easily tempted as Murphy and to tempt him just as dire.

  2. Ashes to ashes, We all fall down... heheh. Go ahead Doc, pop another pill or six. Takes ALL of your problems away.

    Remember, life's pretty easy when you don't have to remember to breath.

  3. While I'm all for fixing Spencer, I really think you need to go easy on yourself. Even if just for a little bit. You're doing the work of two or three doctors while fighting proxies, while feeling sick. I know you have an agenda and I don't want to nag you but you aren't going to be of good use to anyone if you don't stop and lick your wounds for a second.

  4. Just performed surgery on Spencer, it was awful and his eyes were just black. What the fuck is going on? I'm so sorry, Boss, I didn' tnean to hurt you. Not at all, not at all. Vitals looked bad, had to perform surgery immediately. He just talked and talked and none of my sedatives worked, then he passed out and I worke dmore and he woke up screaming and I had to sedate him more and everythin'gs all gone to hell, I don't even remember.

    Those kids, they died. Roger died and Patty killed herself, I didn't even know there was a gun in the house, I don't know what time it is or what is going on where are my pills where are my pills where are my pills

  5. Oh fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.
    Is he alright? Please tell me he's alright.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.