Sunday, 18 September 2011

-Doc- House Calls, Round II

I'm going to clarify something before I launch into this: I do not do house calls as a matter of routine. I do, however, do them if someone is on the brink of death and desperately needs someone, anyone, to try and help them. Unless it's because you pulled a hangnail out wrong or something.

In this case, it's a group of three teenagers. Best friends who have found themselves assaulted by a particular tall individual on a regular basis. And tonight, they've asked me to hurry to their place to take care of the aftermath of an...encounter. My arm's still in agony, and it's a 20 or so hour drive, but I think this journey is warranted. I'll give details when I get back, time is precious right now.

I wanted to perform surgery on the Boss before I had to go do something like this, but he can wait until I get back.


  1. Yes yes do be careful. You never know what might... happen. heheh.

  2. ... ahahahahaha.
    Touch her and I'll kill you, i'll kill you i'll kill you i'll kill you
    and before I kill you i'll make you wish you were dead
    so don't you dare touch MY family youbastardyoubastardyoubastardyoubastardyoubastardyoubastardyoubastard
    don't test me

  3. Spencer,
    I think you should really take August's advice. And remember to lock the door.

  4. ... Spence, sweetie...We may need to talk.

    And Doc, hope everything goes well.

  5. Be careful! And I hope those kids come out alright