Sunday, 18 September 2011

-August- Vegas

I found a number in my shirt pocket this morning, and I know for a fact it isn't the one Opal gave me.

Vegas is nice. Steele's decided to take something of a vacation and, in all honesty, it feel really, really nice to be out of the house for a while. The timing... could have been better. Elaine, I'm sorry I probably won't be back until you leave. And as for Star... well, you can all take care of yourselves. If there's any one group of people that I trust to survive locked in a house with a man who owns a Killdozer, it's you guys.

Maybe I'm just optimistic?

Boss, take a bit of alone time. Lock yourself somewhere away from Star and tend to your business - you know what I'm talking about. Do it now before it boils over and we get another incident like -Sam- Surgery. 

Right, so, a little hung over. We're stay in some high-end hotel and have a room about the size of the second floor of our house back home. While there isn't a kitchenette, the food is fantastic so I guess I'm not complaining.

(My pancakes are better.)

After... whatever happened last night, a strawberry banana smoothie sounds wonderful. Once Steele wakes up (and I'm sure he'll delight in telling me what I did last night) I think we're going to get some breakfast. But until then, let's recap.

We left the same night Steele and Spencer had their disagreement, a few hours after everything had calmed down in the house. I figured Steele needed to get away from everything at home for a bit, and I did have a delivery I had to make. Lis of No Pressue = No Diamonds had also requested a spent a bit of time with her, and after everything they had been through... well, I wasn't about to turn them down. It was a small detour to where they were staying, and I sent Steele to pick up cleaning supplies and other things while I made pancakes and tried to help them all I could.

Remember that Opal girl I delivered to some time ago? Well, Corwin had something for her. While she's listed the details on her own blog, I think I sum it up nicely when I say that it only reinforces the fact that he's something of a bastard. The way the email had been worded, the package, the place we went meant to pick up the package... a lot of it screamed 'trap' to me, honestly.

Well, until we arrived at the coordinates he had sent us, and ended up somewhere down a long stretch of highway outside a small town. A Burger King sign sat right where the GPS had told us to stop, and at the foot of it sat the package.

It was five hours to where Opal had been staying, and honestly I didn't want to stick around too long. I had that nagging sense of danger around us, and could have sworn somebody was watching us from one of the windows of inn. It was sometime around then that Steele mentioned he had booked a premier suite in Vegas.

In all honesty, a vacation was the most appealing idea in the world at that time. I love you all, but August needs a vacation and has been cooped up that house for far, far too long. You all know how to take care of yourselves, and we're both doing fine over here. Doc, I'm sorry if I worried you because I didn't call last night.

Everything's fine here, and while I'm still more than a little nervous about what happened last night, I'd say everything's gone well. Delivery was no hassle, Lis is... hopefully better, and we should be back... well, I don't know, actually. I'll ask Steele about that.

Speaking of Steele, I think I hear him in the next room. Y'all stay safe, alright? Call me if anything happens, and good luck with Star.

Again, Elaine, I'm sorry. I hope I get to see you again, and best of luck with everything.

Be home soon, guys. Try to not do anything too stupid when I'm gone, and remember; if you can't grasp how the oven works, the microwave is always a viable option.


  1. I hope that you know that when it's 'August Leaving Time', it's pretty much a cue for us to use the microwave.

  2. ... What.

    Don't tell me you don't actually use that disgusting thing while I'm gone.

    It stinks of popcorn and turns everything to a grayish mush and doesn't cook evenly and ruins my beautiful food. The last thing you need is a partially reheated, irradiated roast beef. Eugh.

    Then again, if our other option is burning the house down...

  3. We could eat the food frozen, if that helps.

  4. Absolutely not. In all honesty you should use the stove or the oven, but seeing as you've managed to burn salad (And no, Amanda, I'm never letting you forget that) I'd hate to see what you'd do to my linguine al pesto.

    It's just. Safer to use the microwave.

  5. I really don't want to know how you manage to burn salad. Flaming croutons? I sympathize though August, ruining good food is a terrible thing.

  6. Have you ever put those peeps in the microwave and watch them swell up until they look like obese chickens? Or put a potato chip bag in and watch it shrivel up? Microwave experiments are fun! :)

  7. Living creatures provide the most interestignresutls.

  8. Oh great, now my little "Microwaved Peeps," tradition on Easter has been spoiled. Why must everything be so violent with you people?

  9. @Nemo
    It's... complicated. You'd be surprised. I appreciate the sympathy, though.

    The only things I've ever put in microwaves are popcorn and butter, and I intend to keep it that way.

    Boss, I'm not kidding. You're going to do something stupid if you don't tend to your little issue soon. Please?

  10. I seem to remember the last time you were hungover you ended up with lots of numbers tucked into various places.

    Here's to hoping you didn't do anything too crazy. :3

  11. I'm sort of curious, what got you lot to accept the delivery from a cryptic bastard a second time?

  12. August, I'm just glad you're alright. I'm sure I'll see you again. Hopefully you had a lot of fun last night. You deserve it.

  13. Once again, thanks for stopping by, August. The talk helped, rather a lot. And Tia's still swooning over your pancakes. I'm beginning to think she has a breakfast food fetish or something.