Monday, 20 June 2011

-Spencer- Welcome to the team

"There is an enigmatic figure, most often seen as a tall, extremely thin man with long, strange arms, and a face that no two people see the same way (if they see any face at all) wearing a suit. Where he comes from is as much a mystery as what he wants. All that is known is that there is evidence of him existing for far longer than one would expect. Those who see him often wind up missing—or worse—with their mutilated bodies impaled upon a tree, and their organs removed and then replaced systematically.

His presence is associated with paranoia and sometimes a strange sickness, and those who see him are frequently found to be maniacally writing strange messages, and drawing mad scribbles of a dark, faceless figure.

It is advised to avoid investigating too much lest you get entrenched too deep...and find yourself the subject of unwanted interest."

But what if you do find yourself a subject of unwanted interest?

"Except when you don't.
Because sometimes you won't."

Because it's all cool with the fairy-tale endings in ongoing stories, where they're Running or Fighting and everything goes right. Typical hero's journey; Find the mentor, obtain the metaphysical sword, venture into the belly of the beast, and it all works out in the end.

"Except when they don't.
Because, sometimes they won't."

Because we've all been there. Caught up in something that we don't really understand or get, reading and watching the triumphs of amazing people, wondering why we can't be the same.

I used to be that way. For most of us, this whole haunting thing is impossible to survive without help.

And you see? That's where we come in!

Spencer Fitzgerald. Is that my actual name? Probably not. Point is? I run a Courier service, made up of people just like you, most of 'em being Haunted for a long, long time. We've pissed of ol' Slenderbuddy so badly that we know our days are numbered.

And so we figure;

Why not live as well as we can?

We're all only really good at one thing; Running. Avoiding trouble. Actually, we're all amazing at it.

So we'll deliver anything...

For a price, o'course.

To anyone, anywhere, anytime.

And we'll get the job done;

Or die trying.

Ahaha, that came off morbid, di'n'it? Hopefully, the team'll get some posts up about what we do and how we do it or I'll do it later or yadda yadda yadda. When does the fun start, is my question! What can yeh'do, eh? More to be up later. For now?

Don't look behind you.


  1. Boss, how is this a good idea? Like, at fucking all? We all know how these blogs go. La dee da, we all wind up fucking dead 'cuz Tall Dark and motherfucking Creepy, do we have to make it easier?

  2. Nahhhhh. There's plenty of people that have started blogs that are...
    We're doing a blog and it's final.
    And no, it's not because I want to make more cash. What gave you that idea?

  3. Oh shut your abusive mouth, Amanda-dearest. We were going to end up that way anyhow. I for one embrace this sales pitch, cunningly disguised as a documentary.

  4. Yeah, what ever you two say. I still think it's a bad idea.

    And Steele, love? Go shove a cock down your throat, we'll all be happier that way

  5. Oh God, what have I gotten myself into this time? You're fucking insane, all of you. >.<

  6. Charming, Amanda, as always. I'd gladly suck yours, you do seem ever so intent on waving it around on the Internet.

  7. Oh you are such a charming fellow, aren't you? I would love that, meet me someplace? I hope you don't mind Poe tagging along

  8. Urgh, no, that's gross, stop it. Or at least buy me a drink or twelve first. I'd rather have an encounter with Poe than you.

  9. Alright boss, I got the email like you said. But if this is the reading I have to look forward to, I'm out.

  10. It's better than getting a sales pitch from a used car salesman. The "no fairy tales here" disclaimer also helps.

  11. Oh and I've already promised not to go around nameing people. Thank you, Tide, you were right, this is fantastic.

    See you around

  12. *looks behind me* OH LOOK A WALL!!!!!