Friday, 24 June 2011

-Amanda- Caffeine and Nicotine A Girl's Best Friends

So, y’all have seen the rest of the team. Woop-di-fucking-doo, welcome the disfunction junction. The booze is Spenc’s, the drugs are Steele’s, and the smokes are mine. I just happen to steal the booze.

I want to do something. Getting antsy holed up where I am, Poe too. Poor bastard hasn’t been able to stretch his wings in ages. My bones are getting that ache that means something’s going to go down. Dunno what, dunno when but it’s gonna happen. Mark my words.

Christ, I’m tired. But I can’t sleep, not an option. I’m on my third cup of stale coffee. Need to brew a new pot soon. Which means I need to go steal some instant coffee. It’s funny, before this I was a fucking coffee snob, now I’ll take anything with caffeine in it. Coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks. Hell, on bad days I’ll take the blasphemy of decaf if it’s fucking hot. As long as it keeps me awake.

Should pick up a carton of cigs while I’m at it. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some nice ones. Steele and Spencer have their addictions, I have mine.

Gonna go smoke the last of this pack or something. Thank god we’re not in the woods.


  1. I'm about 90% sure I've seen that bird steal some of your cigs. Never teach that thing how to use a lighter.

  2. Wouldn't be surprised if the little bugger learns how to himself; S'smarter than we give it credit for. If I had my choice, the thing'd be dinner.

    (Mandy would 'ave my head, though. >>; )

  3. Nobody calls me Mandy. They wind up with cigs stubbed out on their hands

    (Sides, he'd be all tough and stringy anyway)

  4. Well then, maybe you should provide us with an alternative?

    Crow is disgusting and bitter and judging by the fact that you can see the ribs on that bird of yours, there wouldn't be much to eat anyways.

    (Makes good soup stock, though.)

  5. Oh Amanda, my medication is hardly an addiction! Nor is my pack of Marlboros, I have them because they are delicious.

    Plus, drugs are only problems if they cause problems. And my dear, I've got a problem that rather outweighs a couple of pills and powders.

    You, however, do have a problem: Smoking makes you look uglier. Kind of like a 1950's, long suffering housewife. Or alternatively a Norwegian cultist.

  6. Play nice, kiddies. Can't leave you for more than a second, can I?

  7. Wow. I can just feel the love between the teammates, I really can.