Thursday, 23 June 2011

-Spencer- Aaaaand look at us...

Bickering like little children. Almost warms the soul, if the damn numbness would give a break to the weary-


We've... we've been hit hard this week. You all should know who I'm talking about. But no point in focusing on the past, right?
...did I really think that would work? Might as well be honest about what we're all getting into, yeah? Didn' think it would come to this, but I've got to, because we've got a delivery to do.

There's a reason that the team 'sgot so many newbies. Last ones didn't make the delivery-
I can't remember his name. Wiry kid, always wore a hoodie, and had this positive MAT of blonde hair. Was only on for a few days before we got this job. Gotta pay the bills, y'know? And he wanted to come-

Y'see, it's an interesting case for us. We've been followed for so long, it's a way of life. But this kid... h'was fresh. Like Sam. But we're all kids when it comes down to it... Zero was around my age. S'only reason I made this blog. ENVY makes a good point. If I just left it to nothing, who would even know we were here...?

Sarah. A feisty girl. Most of you probably don't know who she was, but I s'watchin her. I watch a lot of you. Get a lot of free time when M'not doing deliveries.

Oh, right, how this works. Forgot. Hangovers I usually pile more bourbon onto but I'm sober for a reason.

There's two ways these jobs get done; on foot and the risky as fuck way I only do when I'm alone.

Needless to say, M'not elaborating on one of those.

On foot is easy enough; we move slow an'don't risk our hides, but keep ahead of trouble. Since we'll go anywhere, it's pretty simple. I have a few rules I follow, though;

To cover large open distances, we use whatever motor vehicle we can get our hands on.
Forests. Avoid 'em if we can. If not, get through them fucking quickly.
Supplies. Everyone brings what they need. No time for stoppin, until we reach cities.
Urban centers; we go on foot, an'close to each other. Easier to deal with proxies, if the need be.
Planes are safe for the most part when we get on to the time we get off. Got a truce on that.

And that's... pretty much it. Follow the rules and we stay exactly ONE step ahead of Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Fuck up and I'll need some more newbies.

S'that simple.

As for the job? Srs bsns. Government shit for an old... acquaintance. We leave in, at most, a week. Feel free to elaborate for everyone out there, you guys. Now, if you don't mind-


There we go.

I'm going to go have a drink with some old friends.



  1. Oh Spence, you're a darling, but sometimes you can be such a sad sack. The kid was a rookie, it's his own damn fault he got disappeared. You gotta be ruthless on this bitch of an earth, mate: even moreso than everyone else. Have sympathy, never empathy, and just forget about close relationships: in this climate, they're more trouble than they're worth.

    Oh yeah except for you guys, you guys are like family to me, I couldn't live without you, yadda yadda yadda. Yawn. I need some ice-cream. Is there any in the freezer?

  2. Behind the bottles o'Vodka. Go fr it. Don't have a scheme cookin' up, do'yuh?

  3. A scheme involving ice cream? Streuth, I didn't before, but now...

  4. Out of curiosity, did you ever come up with a plot involving ice cream?