Thursday, 8 March 2012

-Sam- Shut up

He's not dead. He was screaming while they buried him, and they wouldn't let me save him. He's still screaming under all that dirt. I hear it. Is it really happening, or is HE putting things in my head again?

August would tell me. When I couldn't figure out what was going on, he would tell me if it was my imagination or not. But he's not telling me now, he can't hear me anymore. I tried talking to him but he wouldn't stop screaming. I tried telling him he's safe now, nothing can get him underground, but he wouldn't listen. He's calling for help. He wants me to help him, he wants me to join him.

August, please stop. Please. I can't handle this anymore. Just go away.


  1. I think something did get him underground. Namely your doctor. But yeah, don't join him. It's nearly spring and the ground will be all full of worms and gross stuff like that.

  2. Well that's not good.
    Keep this one away from the firearms and pointy things neighbours.

    1. No, keep every single one of these people away from those things. Oh wait, years and years too late for that.

    2. The other option tends to be violent death.

    3. Doesn't it all level out to violent death in the end? It's like the most common denominator.

  3. I truly am sorry. Perhaps a quote will help: he wants to find words which no one will forget. They shall belong to everyone who hurls them in the face of death.