Saturday, 11 February 2012

-August- Domestic

No news is good news, right?

Though I suppose that's not entirely true. We've been posting, but we're falling back into our old habits of speaking (well, typing) without actually saying much. It reminds me of when we first started, the boss forcing arbitrary posting quotas on us; one post a week, or you're getting your pay cut/meds taken away/whatever  suited us at the time, except now it's more introspective and that we want to, (well, I want to) not that we have to. It's nice to get it all out, and even better for collecting our thoughts, even if half of the posts we end up writing up don't actually get posted.

( And I kind of wonder what'll happen to the mountain of drafts once this blog is finished. Do we put them up? Are they worth reading? There are certain posts we've all agreed to put up after... well, as goodbyes, but what about the rest? The three-line posts that never became more than the shell of a story? The five lines of thought that hit a wall and never got a chance to continue? We clear them out every once and a while, sure, but you have to wonder... )

We're all fairly content right now, and I guess that's the reason for any real lack of posting. The House has gone all but silent, we're rebuilding, Spence is travelling, and slowly we're getting our deliveries back on schedule. The boss has already mentioned the small deliveries we've run; one- or two-day trips that were really never worth mentioning, and aside from a couple scuffles with some locals who didn't take kindly to us down in Louisiana, everything's been quiet. Peaceful. Even on that last trip I managed to pick myself up a nice souvenir or two (my collection of cookbooks is nearly complete, and I've managed to find the books I lost in the last House fiasco) and, really, there isn't much to report on.

The House is back in order (well, as in order as it can be) and we're managed to get the furniture back together. And while the new sofas aren't the same shade of green as when I unpacked them (Spencer says it's because the House doesn't like green. I blame IKEA.)  everything's back in order. Kitchen's restocked, walls are repainting, and my bedroom is back in its place in the west wing.

And while Spence is out travelling I'm still getting word from him every night. The boss has always been... distant, but he cares about all of us. Even everybody at home seems closer, though we've always been kind of awkward about it. It's a strange thing to describe, really. In the year or so I've been here it's never felt more like... well, like family. Like a home, and not just a House. Somewhere safe.

I suppose then this post's my own two cents into what's going on here. I've got a delivery starting next week. A major one, should probably take more than a few days. A old friend of the boss' is requesting some delicate materials to be transported. Normally we don't do this kind of stuff, but the two of them apparently go way back, plus she pays well. I'm not really complaining.

Stay safe, everybody.


  1. Stay safe, August. Keep in touch, yeah?

  2. oh man, ikea. what a dump. i swear, that place is like swedish hell. i wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies.

    i, whitelight, dub all thee...//The Seven Dwarfs//.

    mainly 'cause you both have someone named doc.

  3. Well ain't that fucking nice?
    Downright fucking pastoral.
    Similar saying: "No noose is good news" right?

  4. This isn't a wise time for you to be making enemies, Robin.

  5. Robin, you never cease to bore me. Lookitchu, all tough, posting on other people's blogs with your cute little sarcastic routine, possibly because you don't get enough kicks from your own blog, which is quite devoid of any empathy towards your good self from your viewer. Probably because of how very, deeply unlikeable you are. Keep posting here, I welcome it, and might even be able to feel some modicum of pity for you. You're clearly a very lonely person, in a great deal of strife.

    You're also clearly kind of a cunt. Choose which one we focus on.