Thursday, 24 November 2011

~Steele~ Stopping by.

Oh, we have fun, don't we?

From the veritable wreckage of Hope, myself, Rivers and Alex (one of those forest kids), are finding ourselves in possibly the second least hospitable place; right back in the House. (Ray was with us, but he ran off gibbering about something in Pennsylvania. Comes with the territory, I suppose.)

Hello Spencer, I am positively charmed to be in thy abode once more. Words cannot describe.

It's for a good reason, though...Rivers' injuries are...somewhat dire. We were taken by surprise, one second, everything was fine, the second, his bones were jutting out of his knees, and a black tentacle had pierced his right thigh, the tissue around the wound going necrotic before our eyes, thin black veins jutting from the skin exposed beneath the hole in his suit pants, eyes rolling back and shuddering in their sockets... I haven't had the courage to look at it, just to patch him up as best as I could and drive as fast as I could to the best ...pretend doctor around. (I say this, but she's probably had more field experience than any GP out there with their quaint little degree on their wall. Love you, Lori.)

So, I'm just passing through; once Rivers is as healthy as he can be, we're back off to DC. Couldn't leave August with this lot on Thanksgiving now, could I?


  1. You /could/ have waited, you know.

  2. Hey, Steele. Rivers is going to pull through. He might not be entirely happy with the results when he's not quite so doped up, but he'll survive. I did all that I, or any other doctor, could do. saw the damage, you know what I mean.

    Come down to my office later. I'd like to talk to you. No, you're not in trouble.