Wednesday, 9 November 2011

-Amanda- Harper

I'm feelin lucid.
Also I figurd out msot of spellcheck.
So Harper.
Funcking Harper.
He was brilliant, yo uknow? Fucking brilliant. Practically Spencer's goddamn protege. Only one besides the boss man himself who regularly ventured into the Wing. Crazy motherfuckin bastards, the both of them, messing with that god forsaken place.
Goddamn unlikable asshole too. But all of us are, aren't we? Personally, thought he was an alright kid. Good taste in smokes. Alwaus a good sign in my book. Hell, he even shared sometimes. Fucking even better sign.
But Harper.
This scrawny little spitfuck with a mess of shaggy ass hair and the fucking clearest blue eyes. Probably the best Courier we've ever had. Mostly solo work but he did it fast and he did it well. All we ask for in this business. Keep your cooll, stay sane, get the fucking package where it has to go. And Harper did that fan-fucking-tastically. Effieccent as fuck, wouldn't let anything stop him. Was fucking magnificent.
Wasn't great at the team sport shit thpugh. But who can blame him. Doc was still off her goddamn rocker in the worst fuckign way when he joined us, Spencer is fucking Spencer the motherfucker, Steele is a goddamn prick, Todd's not all there. August is sweet, aklmost fucking saccharine, but fuck sometimes he tries too hard. And then there's fucing me. Really, it's fucking sad that I was the most normal when he joined ud.
Apparently he'd been running for four months when Spence found im. Not a record, but not easy either. Was a fucking pro too, not many peple can spend 4 months running and look as good as he did when he came to the House. Didn't look fucking great, buut not bad.
Don't think he liked us mcuh but in this business you can t' choose your friends. Gotta work with whatcha got. Like I said, at leasy he had good taste in smokes. Never got terribly cluse to any of us but could alway count on findin us smoking pack afte pack together. Only one who could rival my nicotine intake.
It was almost happy for awhiel.
Then shit hit the fucking fan.
We were doing a group delivery and that should've fucking warned us. Shit always goes wrong on fucking group delivetires.
So yeah, shit was going fucking smoothly for once when it all went wrong.
He showed up. God fucking dammit He showed up. Harper tripped, fell and HE WAS RIGHT FUCKING THERE.
Right on top of him.
I remember screaming. Screaming so hard blood ran down my throat. He was an insufferable prick but he was my fucking teammate.
I thin Todd had to carry me kicking and thrashing away.
Goddamit, m too sober for this


  1. Hey Amanda, I realize that you're not completely lucid right now, but I'd really appreciate if if you didn't mention when I was like THAT again. It's something I've tried very hard to overcome and put behind me.

  2. Fuck Im wsorrt Doc

    Fucking was girl. Dont like rememebring it

  3. You never told me about him.

  4. ... he was one of the last to die. We were... we're more...
    shit I can't handle this

  5. ... Reckless. We were reckless.

    It never gets any easier.

  6. You're doing an awful job of keeping yourselves distant from each other, I'll grant you all that much.