Friday, 25 November 2011

-Doc- Dr. Doc of Emergency Home Medicine, Checking In

God, I'm tired, but I thought I would give an update on the state of things at the House. We had a sudden influx of people: no prizes for guessing why. Several of them needed medical treatment, some far more than others. Those without physical injuries are so traumatized, they begged me for anything I could offer to ease their pain and make them forget for awhile.

I may no longer be in favor of using medicine when it isn't absolutely necessary, but I cannot deny that sort of request. Not in this situation.

In my infirmary, I currently have Dr. Rivers, Elliott, and Alex. All of them are currently sedated or otherwise asleep, so I have a bit of time to post. I gave Elliott quite a nice scare after I finished surgery on Dr. Rivers's legs last night: I must've looked like a demented axe murderer with how tired and covered in blood I was. Without sharing too many private details, they're all going to survive. The precise state of their survival, however, remains to be seen.

Despite all the people here, the House is very quiet. Last time things were like this, we were down to twenty couriers. All twelve of my infirmary beds were full of very sick and dying people, far sicker than anyone here now. I'm relieved that things aren't as dire now as they were back then.

I haven't spoken to Elaine yet, but I think I'll go track her down and make sure she's okay before I get some rest. Although I suppose I should also ask if Spencer would like some hair color, he's starting to look a bit stately for his age.

Take care, everyone.


  1. Can you point me to Slenderman?

  2. Can you point me to a comment troll?

  3. But really where can I find him?

  4. Does that mean I don't get any prizes, or that I get a no-prize for guessing?